Varieties of onions

Varieties of onions

There is not one gardener, which is not grown on the beds of onions.

And not only because no dish is complete without him – the onion has healing properties broad-spectrum.

A significant benefit from it and a vegetable plot – the onion its smell repels many pests.

Varietal classification of onion

Before you grow onions, you should understand the grades – this will depend on the quality of the crop.

After all, some varieties are suitable for storage for the winter, while others should be consumed only fresh.

Part of a subspecies of onions grown from seed (annuals), while others need 2 years to obtain full bulbs (they pass the stage of «ringlets» and «Sivka»).

And each of the varieties of onion are characterized by their taste: acute, Peninsula and sweet.

Another sign that klassificeret varieties of onions – theplaylist:

  • Varieties of onions «southern» in the Northern areas lose their dignity (and sometimes not even root). The bulbs they have, as a rule, large, elongated or round shape, with a Peninsula or sweet taste. These varieties belong to a salad and for winter storage is not suitable.


  • The «Northern» variety of onion has a light bulb original form (more sections or flattened). This subspecies of onions just taste spicy, but the vegetable is stored great.

For the cultivation of onions should take into account its regional features, because most varieties are just created by plant breeders for specific territories (as evidenced by some of the names).

Common varieties of onions

So, buying onions for planting, choose varieties on the basis of their domicile.

Southern regions

  • «Rostov local» refers to the biennials. Matured for 2.5-3 months. Despite the fact that it is the southern variety has a sharp taste and has a good shelf life.
  • «Krasnodar» — an annual plant with a ripening period of 4 months. This variety has pink onion with the Peninsula taste.


  • Strigunovskiy — year-old with pink onion and spicy taste. Very nice variety in storage. The gestation period is 3 months.
  • «Kaba» — grown seedling method from seed. Large onion chugunkova form has the scales slightly brown hue and has a taste of the Peninsula. The maximum period of cultivation for 4.5 months.

 Universal grades of onions (many regions)

  • «Red Baron» — an annual variety with a relatively short period of maturation (about 3 months). Varieties of onions

    Flattened bulb is red and covered with scales of a darker shade.

The Peninsula has a variety of flavors and contains a high percentage of vitamin C.

  • «Comet» refers to the hybrids with high yield and short term aging.
  • Sweet onion, round shape white color.


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