Varieties of melons

varieties of melons

Aikido is among the new ultra early hybrid melon bred for the middle band.

This hybrid melon characterized by high resistance to diseases such as powdery mildew and Fusarium.

The fruits have great portability, because their mass is 1.5 kg. the Peel is painted in brown and yellow with mesh. The pulp inside is greenish-white in color. Fruits contain sugar 13%.

Altai melon. This type of joined the ranks of early ripening varieties (64-70 days), West-Siberian vegetable station became a place for the breeding program. Whip plants stretch to a length of 2 meters. The fruits their characteristic oval shape, average fruit weight equal to 1.3 kg.

Melon has a thin skin. The thickness of the pulp of about 3 cm, poda inherent excellent taste along with a wonderful aroma. This grade is not afraid of the harsh conditions of Siberia, it is resistant to disease medium. Perfectly kept and quite transportable.

Early grade is Pineapple melon. Fruit shape is oval, the peel they have netted, orange-Golden, fruit weight equal to 2 kg In the pulp of a pale pink color and tastes very sweet melon.

The breeding varieties Assol is West-Siberian vegetable experimental station, he was released in 1998 with the aim of growing in home gardens, in horticultural farms in plastic greenhouses spring – summer turns.

This middle-grade, full maturation of the fetus takes place in approximately 90 days. The fruits have a weight of 0.96 kg, oval-round shape, have a smooth surface with delicate solid mesh in the rind of yellow color with the presence of creamy-gray stripes.

The pulp is light green in color, it is tender, juicy, granular, in addition, also sweet, with a pleasant aroma. In melon great taste. It yields 6.6 kg/m.

Grade Basarabia early gestation period is 78 days, a breeding melons became the Transnistrian agricultural research Institute. This plant has weak lashes.

The fruit is round-flat shape, their weight is 1.8 kg. Smooth peel of the fruit, with the presence of films of grey-green, in the center of the stalk there are elements of the grid.

The background color is orange with green spots. The flesh is medium thick and is cream in color it has a grain, the juiciness, the taste is sweet, has a pleasant vanilla flavor. Zoned melon and Moldova.

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