Varieties of lilies — names and description

Varieties of lilies

Decorative beautiful representatives of the bulbous – lilies.

This diversity of species and varieties of lilies exist in nature, it is very difficult to determine their classification.

Early lilies were divided into sections according to their morphological characteristics: section of ancient lilies, East European, and section Martagon Reichenbach.

Varieties of lilies

Modern classifier divides the lilies into sections, and there are 9:

Asian. These lilies have a bright color: red, ruby, yellow-lemon flecked. Shaped flowers, mostly, like a star.

The petals on them are bent-twisted. The flower arrangement on the stem lilies are divided into subsections: directed up, directed to the side facing down.

Plants of this variety are resistant to diseases, frost, easy to care, easy to breed. Come from the section of ancient lilies.

Grade: «Victoria», «Accent», «Salamander».


Martagon hybrids (Turk’s cap). These varieties of lilies are quite high with a straight stem. The flowers are bright in color, shaped like a flowing turban.

Bulbs are round or ovoid. These hybrids are also resistant to diseases and severe frost. Descended from the crossing of representatives of the section Martagon Reichenbach.

Grade: «Manitoba Fox, Mrs. R. O. Backhouse», «Martagon Album».

White lilies, or candidum. Varieties occur of white lilies. Like a lot of sun, do not tolerate freezing and not resistant to diseases.

The flowers are either tubular or shaped like a funnel. The color corresponds to the name of the section is white but sometimes there are yellowish buds.

These varieties of lilies have a very strong flavor. A feature of the group is that the bulb immediately goes into the leaves collected in the socket. Varieties candidum – the result of interbreeding of the representatives of the Eastern European section.

Grade: «Terracotta», «Apollo».

American. Flowers are often similar to a turban, but may have another form. Painted in different colors and collected in the lush blossoms.

These varieties are very demanding conditions, which contain. Varieties were the result of crossing other hybrids («Perry», «Bolander», «Humboldt»).

Grade: «Cherrywood», «Shuksan».

Longiflora, or dlinnozvennye hybrids. Uzkotrubchatye flowers is located high on straight stems.

The color shades are different, but more often bright colors or pure white. Love the heat and are prone to viral diseases. Varieties Include «White Haven», «White Fox».

Orleansor tubular. On the form of the flowers can be seen in the name of the group. Coloring are different, but mostly bright. Fragrant flowers are located on a curved stem.

For these hybrids is that they are easy to breed all kinds of ways.

This group can be divided on 4 sub-groups: in fact tubular («Golden Clarion», «Black Dragon»), kubkovidnye or Cup-shaped («New Era», «heart’s Desire»), drooping («Golden Showers», «Christmas Day»), star («Havemeyer», «Mimosa Star»).

Eastern. This is the most exotic shape, color and type varieties of lilies. But it is most susceptible to diseases, not resistant to frost.

Come from different East Asian species. So have the flowers are Cup-shaped and flat, tubular and chalmovidnaya.

Grade: «Barbados», «Ascari».

LA hybrids. Originated from crossing Asian and dlinnozvennye hybrids. Double hybrids combines the best features of their predecessors.

They have larger flowers, and a large number of the beauty more, and the flavor is stronger. Also they are more resistant to disease and severe cold. Contrast to the primary hybrids – the lack of tubers on the stems.

varieties of lilies

Grade: «Freya», «Brindisi».

Orientati (). The new hybrids, which are grown until the flower breeding stations.

On tall strong stems grow large funnel-shaped or bowl-shaped flowers in warm colors.

Sometimes on one trunk you can see flowers of different colors.

Varieties of lilies: «big Brother,» «the Beverly dream».

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