Varieties of juniper — names and description

Varieties of juniper

Quite a beautiful evergreen plant of the family of coniferous become a real decoration of the garden plots.

Some varieties of juniper grow to 20 m, but there are shrubby species that are in my life barely reach five feet.

You can pick up trees with a conical or pyramidal crown, and near the bushes lengthy flexible branches sometimes trail along the ground.

Looks especially decorative juniper in the period of flowering and fruiting, resembling decorated with toys and a Christmas tree.

Types of juniper

Despite the fact that the junipers belong to the same family – Cypress, they are represented by variety of species that, in turn, consist of many varieties.

The most popular in the decorative plan are the following types:

  • Varieties of common juniper can be presented and shrubs with spreading branches up to 6 m tall, slender multi-stemmed trees, which grow up to 18 m. the Flowers that adorn the juniper, or have a light green color or yellow. Shishko-berry – blue-black, filled with a viscous pulp. From the moment of fertilization until complete maturation of the fruit takes 2 years.
  • Daurian juniper enjoys little popularity among our growers, although very unpretentious to conditions of cultivation and has good decorative properties.
  • The Caucasian juniper is rarely a high – the most common shrubby representatives. This kind of culture, a beautiful scale-like needles, fairly rich essential oils, allowing you to use its twigs to combat harmful moths.

Junipers – so valuable culture that has long been listed in the Red book. So gardeners can enjoy the beauty of these ornamental plants, breeders have tried to create different varieties.

Varieties of juniper

Each of the species of this cypress plants are presented in different varieties that are grown in nurseries. Many of them have long been popular among gardeners.

  • Most can be found on sites varieties of common juniper:

— among vysokosov allocate «Pendulu» that has a weeping, drooping gracefully to the crown, reaching 5 m in height;

— a slender crown in the form of a ball boasts of «Echiniformis»;

— the dwarf variety «Nana Aurea» thick pine branches like vines;

— small «Hornibrook» has practically spread you out with their silvery-green shoots on the ground.

  • Attract truckers and varieties of the Caucasian juniper:

— «Erecta» grows up to 2 meters and has a pyramidal crown;

«Tamaricciola» attracts silver-gray thin needles;

— and «Variegata» creeping along the ground the stems at the tips decorated with yellow-white spines.

  • The Daurian juniper most often represented in the domestic sections of one grade, but wonderfully decorative. «Expanse» grows to a height of not more than five feet, but the breadth scatters branches Varieties of juniper Cossack

    up to 3 m, forming a hemisphere with a beautiful, lush green color. A notable feature of this variety is the presence on the same thread and long needles, and scaly needles.

Each of the varieties will be a real addition to any garden design or worthy of framing its perimeter.

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