Varieties of hydrangea paniculata

Varieties of hydrangea paniculata

Beautiful and perhaps the most unusual plant growing in the garden.

Varieties of hydrangea paniculata has many different types, but the most popular are the tree that grows in a Bush and paniculate, like a miniature tree.

The most common varieties

They have different colors and different shape of leaves and inflorescences. Also the height of the Bush can be different. When choice is taken into account only decorative varieties. Care for the entire family of hydrangeas are the same.

The at Kyushu. Shrub about 3 m. the Leaves have a glossy surface, dark color, crown dense, but beautiful. Not too many inflorescences hydrangeas lends elegance and ease.

Shoots more like arrows as sticking out in different directions. The flowers are large, pleasant white color, exudes a light sweet smell.

Happy flowering from mid-summer and continues until early autumn. To the at Kyushu happy with its bloom, plant it in a bright location and well watered.

The soil should be acidic, fertile and easy. This variety if the Mature plant is resistant to frost, but the young shrub may die. Needs regular pruning in early spring the weak shoots.

Limelight. Inflorescences differ in density, it has a pale green tint, which with the advent of autumn it becomes pink. The shrub has a maximum height of 1.5 m. the Crown is neat, rounded.

Leaves of a rich green color, shape is elongated, with a smooth surface. Flowering occurs in mid-summer and lasts about two months. Prefers bright place.

If the winter is cold, that the young shoots may freeze solid to the root, so in the fall we need to organize the shelter, but every year resistance to cold increases. Plant in acidic, fertile soil. Like all varieties of hydrangea paniculata picky about watering.

Pink Diamond. A shrub about 2 m. Flowers are pyramidal, pink with a darker shade. The beauty of flowering can be observed from July to September. The branches are erect.

The leaves are notched on the edge. The plant can be planted in partial shade. Resistant to frosts, but young shoots need to cover. Spring pruning is to remove frozen branches. If the summer is hot, you need a systematic abundant watering.

Tardiva. Height up to 2 m Flowering later. Crown broad, rounded. Inflorescences are cream-coloured. Prefers bright place without drafts, with fertile soil. Exclude the presence of lime in the soil.

Spring pruning, remove weak shoots. In the presence of SAP flow, pruning is carried out with the buds.

Unusual variety of hydrangea paniculata

 Yunik. Ornamental spreading shrub, up to 2 m. the Leaves are egg-shaped, the edge jagged. Blooms

Varieties of hydrangea paniculata

in summer white flowers, but after flowering becoming shade of pink.

Plant light-requiring, although it can grow in light shade. Young shoots are necessary for the winter shelter, but the Mature plant is perfectly resistant to the cold. Requires good watering. Liming is not allowed.

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