Varieties of gooseberries — how to choose?


If you look in the state, was of gooseberry varieties in sufficient quantity.

But specialized stores with plenty of variety, things are much more complicated.

Usually offered to choose from 3-5 grades, so you can decide which accounts directly.

You can, of course, at home, on the Internet to find any sort of gooseberry, and to write the mail, but you know there are no guarantees that you will be satisfied with your purchase, or even something coming.

It is better to look for planting material in the city, or choose in store there is. You can even ask around with neighbors in suburban areas. They have to taste.

First and most importantly, the variety of the gooseberry must meet the climatic conditions of your region.

Ask the sellers annotations to the proposed grades. Second, it is desirable that the plants were resistant to different types of diseases and hardy.

In the third place, consider how a variety of undemanding or Vice versa requires more care.

Will you be able to pay attention, not enough time. The next item is the fruit-or rather, their taste and size.

Here the priorities are different. Of course, it would be much better if your garden site will feature several varieties of gooseberry, with different flavors and ripening times.

It is worth noting that breeders, bringing different varieties of gooseberry, and took care of security.

As you know, this culture has a sufficient number of spikes to at harvest we have hurt.

Gardeners have come up with ways safe harvesting, and breeders bessire varieties and slabside.

For the sake of justice I want to note that gooseberry is completely without thorns, no. Still a few spikes at the older Bush you can find.

Usually one without the other does not happen, have to pay for everything. If the variety of gooseberry


has a small, and rare spines, berries, as a rule, also small.

If you are attracted to the fruits are large and tasty, will have to endure the pricks of thorns. There is of course the Golden mean.

There are varieties that have needles, but they are average in size and located on the adult branches, so with careful picking berries especially will not cause harm, and the fruit is quite large and tasty.

To such varieties of gooseberries include the «Sadko», «rozovyy2» and others. So I think the choice is yours. I wish you all a good harvest!

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