Varieties of gladioli — names and description


  • 1. Classification of varieties of flowers
  • 2. Popular varieties of Gladioli


Grades of gladioluses

Among the variety of flowers that are grown not only for decorating rock gardens in the country and border, but the cut in bouquets, popular representatives of the family Iridaceae – Gladiolus (popularly referred to as Sputnikami).

These bulbotuberiferous perennial so graceful, loved by all the breeders.

It is therefore not surprising that, counting varieties of Gladioli, and fit to lose.

Classification of varieties of flowers

Spagnoli there are tall and short. But this is not the only characteristic that share the Gladioli.

The stem of all plants is the same – juicy, erect, fully foliated. But all the other settings are specific to the varieties.

  • There is a difference in the shape of letters. In some individuals, they ensiform, others vlagalishchnye, exciting stalk on both sides.
  • All varieties of the same inflorescence spicate inflorescence. Differences in the placement of flowers in one or two rows, or spirally.
  • The gap between the flowers of varieties of Gladioli are divided into loose, dense and medium density.
  • All the flowers are funnel shaped, single-axis, and consist of 6 lobes, and petals (internal and external). The differences visible in the petals that vary in texture (plain, folded, corrugated and the like), shapes and colors.

The variety of Gladiolus is large enough, the classifier every year continues to grow with new hybrids.

Therefore, to facilitate record grades, use the special system of codes (which you can find on the Internet).

Even klassificeret Mower types:

  • European have a twisted pyramidal inflorescences. At the same time on the plant reveals about flowers with 5 smooth or slightly wavy petals.
  • American flowers in the inflorescences have the correct location where the petals or folded or corrugated. Usually open from 8 to 10 flowers.

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Popular varieties of Gladioli

Besides the above features, which is the official classification of the «king» of garden plants, among gardeners there is a hem where varieties of Gladioli are divided into groups. And each has its outstanding representatives.

  • Grandiflora specimens, his delight blooming from the first days of summer to autumn. The palette of colors they have varied as the size of the buds.

— «Violetta» with its rich purple flowers trimmed with Terry border, is credited with healing power.

— Original gleaming white, violet and purple – a sort of «Nashville».

  • In primulaverin petals are elongated and resemble a hood. Flowering begins in mid summer and smell a few months. Inflorescence not as lush as in other species, but will adorn any bouquet.

— A piece of the sun will bring to the ridges of Golden yellow flowers «Leonora».

— Delicate pink and white colors of the Columbine, in truth, looks like a king.

  • Design and a butterfly (or butterfly) have plotosidae inflorescence with slightly crumpled petals and saturated colors.

Red flowers with yellow patches on the neck is a «Georgette», which stands out against the other plants.

In «Alice,» a delicate pink hue surprisingly goes well with the color of orange peel.

  • Dwarf varieties of Gladioli are low, and be a real decoration of the garden paths.

Note: Garden path with his hands

«Grinberg» his green-yellow color reminiscent of

Grades of gladioluses

little exotic bird.

— Pale apricot hue of the petals folded «bow Pop» is a real charm.

To talk about varieties of Gladiolus is endless. And if someone dares to plant them in the garden, fall in love with this floral splendor for life.

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