Varieties of garden raspberry

Varieties of garden raspberry

Blueberries are increasingly popular among lovers of the garden.

This Bush belongs to the family Ericaceae, is one of the closest relatives of the blueberry.

Blueberries are a little inferior to his cousin in flavor, but surpasses it in the size of berries and yield.

Scientists, breeders have brought quite a large number of blueberry varieties that are resistant to the harsh Russian winters.

In addition, these shrubs are not exposed to diseases, they sidestep pests, they live to be a hundred.

Varieties of blueberry

The most common varieties of garden raspberry are the following:

Bluecrop (Bluecrop) – refers to the middle-ripening varieties of blueberries. The Bush grows up to 2.0 m, shoots grow up, has a free form.

Ripening occurs gradually begins in late July and ends in September.

The fruits grow up to 16 mm in circumference. Painted in bright blue color with a strong blue tinge.

Taste qualities are excellent, the berries are suitable for processing and for raw consumption.

Blueberry garden varieties resistant to frost in winter, and easily tolerates drought and is hardly affected by diseases. Bush gives 6-9 kg of berries.

Spartan (Spartan). The bushes in this class relate to instances of late, the harvest takes place in late August and early September.

The plant is quite tall, reaching a height of two meters. The color of the berries is light blue with a diameter of 16-18mm.

The fruit varieties Spartan have a nice berry aroma and high palatability.

This grade is not suitable for areas with shallow groundwater, does not like excessive watering. Each Bush can collect 5 to 6 kg of berries.

Blue Ray (Blue Ray). The middle-grade, cold-resistant. The adult plant reaches 1.9 m tall, the Bush is thick, erect.

Berries are one of the largest (up to 21 mm in diameter), light blue in color, dense and pleasant to the taste.

The beginning of ripening occurs in mid-summer. The yield is very high, from 5.5 kg up to 8kg of blueberry from the Bush.

Duke (Duke). Refers to the varieties of early ripening. The Bush grows up to 1.6 m, forms a few shoots, so needs no pruning and thinning is well supplied with light and oxygen.

Berries such blueberries reach 20mm in diameter, bright, with a touch. The fruits have excellent taste that becomes more enjoyable after cooling.

The harvest begins in mid-July. The berries are mainly used fresh. Grade tolerates frost, yields of up to 8 kg of fruit per Bush.

Patriot (Patriot). It is middle-early varieties of blueberry garden. The plant reaches growth average adult.

The berries, ranging in size from 17 to 19 mm, have a flattened shape, gathered in a bunch.

Due to its excellent taste, the blueberries in this class it is recommended to eat raw.

The first harvest can be removed in mid-July. The plant shows excellent resistance to frost and most fungal diseases.

Berkeley (Berkeley). There is a late-ripening varieties of garden raspberry. Shrubs much branched, reaching 2.1 m in height.

The berries have a strong enough surface, so prized in those farms where blueberries are grown for sale in distant regions.

The fruits are painted in light blue color, grow to 18 mm in circumference. Mature

garden variety of blueberry

they begin in late August.

The variety exhibits resistance to extremes in day and night temperatures, and excessive soil moisture. Yields up to 8 kg of berries.

Early Blu (Early Blue). The early variety of blueberry. Is of value because the berries ripen in late June, when on the shelves yet other options. Berries have excellent flavor and a light blue color.

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