Varieties of garden chrysanthemums

Varieties of garden chrysanthemums

Popular flowers grown by gardeners in the country, a special place is occupied by the chrysanthemum.

The Bush plant has a decorative appearance due to the shape of the inflorescence.

And they have garden chrysanthemums several types: spherical, hemispherical, luchevidnye, decorative, Japanese, and with curved corollas.

And still the blossoms can be double, semi-double and simple. They differ also in size: large — and small-flowered.

Variety and color of the chrysanthemums, pink and red, orange and white, yellow and blue, yellow and pink.

Classification of chrysanthemum varieties

Special classification of varieties of garden chrysanthemums does not exist, despite their diversity.

So all the varieties of flowers are divided into different groups, depending on their common characteristics: the size of the inflorescence, for example, or the timing of flowering.

There is a gradation and the height of the Bush: tall (over 90 cm), a short (up to half a meter) and intermediate.

Varieties of garden chrysanthemums

The most frequent varieties of chrysanthemums that can be found on the garden beds, have double, semi-double or simple flowers.

Terry – they have inflorescence resembles a beautiful bright bulb:

  • «Swan song» — inflorescence — the ball has a slightly flattened shape;
  • «Deniz» — its flower resembles a pompom of children’s hats;
  • «Grace» — though the graceful chrysanthemum, but the arrangement of the petals of blossoms like a bright spider.

 Semi-double varieties of garden chrysanthemums – their characteristic feature is the exposed core of the flower.

  • «Dove» — despite the name, has soft white blossoms;
  • «Violet» flower rich pink-purple shade, really reminds of violet.

Simple – without the «bells and whistles», and resemble a Daisy garden.

  • «Muscovite» — inflorescences with copper-red tint;
  • «Kupava» has a bright pink inflorescences;
  • «Yellow curb» to its name – baskets yellow, Bush refers to undersized (and therefore convenient for the landing along the tracks). This is perhaps the most fragrant variety of chrysanthemums.

If in the flowerbed to plant varieties with different time of budding, to admire the garden chrysanthemums will be from late August until the beginning of November.

Early Chrysanthemums:

  • «Hands» — a flower-a Daisy, whose purple petals outlined with a white border;
  • «Deliana» — needle white chrysanthemum medium size.


  • «Froggy«green small balls;
  • «Orange» — a deep yellow color ball are quite large.


  • «Larissa«—the «real» Daisy: white petals, yellow center;
  • «Avignon» — light pink big balls.

 Perennial chrysanthemum

Varieties of garden chrysanthemums

The main varieties of garden chrysanthemums is peers, which in winter migrate indoors. But there are also representatives of the «open ground».

The most common of these Korean chrysanthemum. Its feature is a much branched stem.

The inflorescence resembles a basket of ligulate flowers. The Bush depending on the variety are either light green or dark.

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