Varieties of everbearing strawberries

varieties of everbearing strawberries

The main characteristic of these varieties of strawberries is the ability to blossom and bear fruit during the entire growing season.

Varieties of everbearing strawberries

«Queen Elizabeth II» this is popular with fans of everbearing strawberries. It has strong bushes and large colorful fruit sweet taste. The surface of the berries if varnished.

The weight of each berry can be 40 grams. This variety is everbearing strawberries perfectly brings the winter cold, resistant to pests and various diseases.

Over the summer time to bear fruit up to three times, with a full crop of fruits you can collect in September. Flowers of plants are formed continuously, starting in may and ending in autumn. At the beginning of the summer begins the formation of fruit.

«San Andreas» Has a large shiny fruits with a pleasant harmonious taste, weigh 30 grams. Easily gives up to four stages of fruiting during the summer, the first wave brings a particularly large crop of fruits. Every Bush of this variety is everbearing strawberries can produce up to 3 kg of berries.

Plants are very powerful, with a good root system, have a high resistance to spots and a number of other diseases and pests. Each Bush can produce up to 12 flower stems, whiskers begin to form simultaneously with the appearance of the fruit.


This strawberry is resistant to adverse weather conditions, does not require additional shading, even in extreme heat.

«Monterey» This variety is everbearing strawberries have a delicious juicy fruit in the form of cones weighing up to 30 grams, a very strong Bush with good yields. During the whole time of vegetation, flowering and fruiting occurs more than once, each Bush produces up to 14 flowering arrows.

Plants have bright green, shiny leaves. The first flowering begins in early may, fruiting ends with the first frosts. The fruits retain their juiciness and excellent flavor even with the excessive or on the contrary insufficient moisture. This variety is resistant to many diseases.

«Capri» high-Yielding variety remontant strawberries with constant flowering.

varieties of everbearing strawberries

The plant is constantly and continuously blooms, has erect stalks.

Fruiting begins in mid-June and ends in November.

In order from spring to late autumn harvest, it is necessary to close the Bush film. This variety of strawberry is resistant to cold and many diseases, is well transported.

Berries are large, weighing up to 35 g, bright red color, very fragrant and sweet. Each plant yields up to 2 kg of the crop, and with proper care, and much more.

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