Varieties of everbearing raspberries


Varieties of everbearing raspberries

Such a culture is very popular, as it has no flaws raspberry.

Everbearing varieties have a one-year period of development and one year of time to grow and start to bear fruit.

Popular varieties of remontant raspberry

«Atlant«Is a remontant variety has large fruit, bushes of medium size (up to 160 cm), not too lengthy.

The plant can produce 5 to 8 replacement shoots. Stems grow straight, and more than half of their length have a zone of fruiting.

This raspberry varieties thick shoots that are green with a bluish tinge and waxy bloom. Spikes are mostly located at the bottom of the stem, they are rare and short.

The leaves are dark green, wrinkled, rather large. Grade Atlant resistant to pests and various diseases.

The fruits begin to ripen in late August, they’re large, dense, successfully transported, are oblong-conical in shape, long remain on the bushes without decaying.

Each Bush is everbearing raspberry can give up to 2.5 kg of the crop. The flavor is sour-sweet, juicy, with soft flesh, suitable for use in raw and frozen and billets.

«Apricot«This variety is everbearing raspberry is a fruit yellow in color with excellent taste. The Bush reaches a height of 160 cm, produces up to 6 shoots of substitution.

Stems grow upwards, much branched, the fruits are tied more than the half of the stem.

At the annual shoots of medium thickness, they are painted green, covered with wax. Thorns this variety has a bit of raspberry, they are bent downwards and are in the middle and at the bottom of the shoots. The leaves are slightly wrinkled, medium size, green.

The yield is up two pounds from each plant, the berries ripen in August, and fruiting continues till cold weather.

Fruits are a Golden-apricot color, drupe they have a small, well-connected. This variety is everbearing raspberry has a juicy pulp, of an exquisite aroma and is used for canning or fresh.

«Indian summer«This is the Bush is medium, upright and highly branched stems, place fruit formation occupies the greater part of their length.

The stalks have a medium diameter, brown, waxy coating. Spikes of bright, purple, thin, smooth, growing up around the run. The leaves are medium sized, green, almost flat.

Each Bush this remontant raspberry varieties you can get up to 1.5 kg of fruit that reach maturity

Varieties of everbearing raspberries

at the end of August.

The berries have a rounded-conical shape, red color, is heterogeneous, but well connected drupe, resistant to transportation.

The raspberry taste sweet and sour, and a delicate aroma. The berries can be processed or eaten fresh.

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