Varieties of cucumbers.

Varieties of cucumbers.

Cucumbers are traditionally considered to be a thermophilic culture that the southern and Central regions of our country.

However, in Siberia there are many who want to eat fresh and healthy vegetables straight from your garden.

Scientists involved in plant breeding, brought several varieties of cucumber, suitable for growing and obtaining good yield in not very favorable weather conditions.

Almost all of them can be planted as an indoor and outdoor soil.

Varieties of cucumbers.

«Altay«. Little disposed to disease, resistant to cold. Successfully cultivated in greenhouses and garden plots. This variety is more suitable for preservation, has a great taste.

«Serpentine«. Belongs to the varieties of early ripening. Pickles gives a small, up to 7 cm, similar to gherkins. Serpentine ideal for pickling, though, and fresh taste of cucumber is quite high level.

Most can be harvested in the first week and a half of ripening, these days he gives up to 2 kg of fruit from 1 m2 landings. In addition, this variety of cucumbers resistant to different diseases.

«The business«. It is enough resistant to a number of diseases. Suitable for planting in all soils. This variety of cucumbers for Siberia refers to the medium varieties.

The fruit yields a small, have excellent taste. Cucumbers grow on side shoots, but not on the main stem.

«Brigantine«. In quality, this grade is largely similar to the previous one. However, to plant it in open ground. Fruits taste good and are ideal for all culinary purposes.

«Claudia«. This variety is suitable for planting in open ground and in greenhouses. There are self-pollinating, medium for maturation. It is considered the most productive varieties of cucumbers among all zoned for Siberia (up to 25-27 kg for each m2).

The fruits ripen six weeks after planting. Cucumbers reach 15 cm, no taste bitter, and are used for pickling and for cooking fresh salads. To collect the maximum harvest, the fruits should be removed the next day.

«Altai early«. These cucumbers ripen very quickly (4-5 weeks after germination). This variety is pollinated by insects, the whip is short. Suitable for any soil. The yield gives the average (about 6 kg/m2).

The fruits do not exceed 9 cm in length, are green, not yellow. Diseases this variety is practically unaffected, tolerates short-term temperature decrease.

«27 far Eastern» refers to mid-season varieties, yield gives a very small (up to 3 kg meter landings). He has a long whip, leaves a little bit. After the emergence of the first fruits appear after 6-7 weeks.

The quality of the soil undemanding, not afraid of drought and many diseases. The fruits grow up to 15 cm, covered with a light bloom. The taste of this variety of cucumber is good.

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