Varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse

Varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse

In greenhouses, mainly grown vegetables pertaining to valuable «fans» of the heat in which the length of the vegetation cycle.

But with a short period of development it is possible to grow vegetables in greenhouses to eat them fresh not only during the summer.

One of the most traditional crops for protected cultivation is considered to be cucumber.

And it is grown in heated glass greenhouses and plastic structures. It was under these (specific) conditions of farming and withdrawn in a large number of varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse.

Seasons of growing cucumbers

Depending on what type of greenhouse you have equipped on your site, should be selected varieties of cucumbers that can grow in certain times of the year.

  • Winter-spring crop rotation starting in January or early February. And it lasts till July, and sometimes ends in August. The best for this cycle to choose hybrid varieties of cucumbers grow with higher yield, resistant to many diseases.


  • Greenhouses can be heated and the period of growing cucumbers lasts from mid-April to September inclusive. Settling in and unheated greenhouses covered with film. In them it is better to start the crop rotation with the end of may.


  • Greenhouses designed for solar heating — it’s only summer option. And varieties of cucumbers grow are selected, as a rule, korotkopushistye («Murom» or «Altai early»), because their best to grow in such a construction without garters.


Varieties of cucumbers for winter greenhouses

Best among the truckers are considered to be varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse glazed and heated mainly with mid-season maturity. They are all pollinated by bees.

  • Have developed long lashes are considered to be cucumber varieties «Grenade», «Moscow greenhouse», «Surprise-66».


  • With signallist a good crop gives the sort of «Manul».


  • But «dawn», though early maturing variety, but he feels more comfortable in winter greenhouses.

 Varieties of cucumbers for unheated greenhouses

For cultivation in spring greenhouses it is better to purchase such varieties of cucumbers:

  • Early universal are considered «Moscow dude F1» and «Break F1», good in a salad, and conservation.


  • Mid-season variety for an unheated greenhouse: «April» and «cuckoo» (need initial push-pollination), «Cupid 1801 F1».


  • Late: «MOVIR 1», «Farmer».

 Summer class

Varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse

Some varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse is multi-season and suitable for cultivation in winter-spring crop rotation and summer-autumn: «cornflower F1», «F1 Voyage».

Depending on the period in which to develop these varieties, apply in the specificity of agricultural technology appropriate to the season.

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