Varieties of cucumbers for open ground

Varieties of cucumbers for open ground

This vegetable is on the menu throughout the year: in summer and in winter fresh, winter and spring in zocoloco-canned version.

But when the cucumber was included in the diet of people, hard to say.

For example, the fact that the temples of ancient Egypt decorated with the image of this green vegetable, shows that cucumbers are popular for more than 6 millennia.

Classification of varieties of cucumbers

Despite its ancient age, this culture has not so many varieties – 60 for cultivation in greenhouses and 80 for open ground.

Moreover, among them there are instances that are grown successfully in all conditions.

Gradation of varieties of cucumber goes by several parameters.

  • Turn allocate the usage: for salads, canning, pickling and versatile.


  • Share classes and periods of ripening:

— fruit at the age of 1-1,5 months early;- culture over 50 days is considered late; intermediate, mid grade is 45-49 days.

There are also the culture of the pubescent varieties, that is, the color of fruit spines white or black. This is due to the structure of the skin, as it determines the method of use of vegetable.

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Spikes cucumbers

Many Housewives prefer to buy cucumbers, «pimples», but not everyone pays attention to their markings. Some varieties of cucumbers for open ground have at the tips of spines black spots, others are white.

  • Belasia culture has thick skin, is not exposed to salt solution. Therefore they are not suitable for preservation in cans or for pickling in barrels. If you do not pay attention to it, the sugar present in fruits is fermented quickly, making pickles inedible product. The only purpose of «belolipov» — the use of fresh (both by itself and in salads). But these varieties are quite transportable.
  • Fruits with black spines have a delicate, thin skin. That is, they make crunchy tasty salted (pickled) cucumbers. And the salads they give a special flavor. So these varieties are deservedly classed as a universal. Unfortunately, to transport long distances these fruits are risky. And with the harvest should be careful, as the fruit is quickly transferred from Zelentsov in full maturity.

Those who grow the culture in their area, it is best to plant varieties with both types of spikes with different periods of maturation. For early harvest is recommended to use a hybrid culture, it is not necessary to dwell on one grade.

Varieties of cucumbers for open ground – early maturing hybrid

The main criterion for the selection of varieties, many choose their nutritional properties.

  • Exclusively among lettuce varieties are «early Altai», «Elegant», «Cascade», etc.
  • For conservation go well, «Adam F1», «Minion», «Moskovsky pizhon F1».
  • In cask salting varieties recommended «VIR 505», «Murom 36», «Julian F1».
  • Among the best are universal «Svyatoslav F1», «Lastochka F1», «Hector F1».

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Middle-ripening varieties

Varieties of cucumbers average maturity also gradious on suitability for canning. An exclusive lettuce varieties are grown mainly in greenhouses and greenhouses.

  • Zasolochnye grade – «Harvest 86», «vyaznikovskiy 37», «Steppe».
  • For preservation it is possible to allocate a grade of «Sunny».
  • To universal are «Nugget», «Cupid 1801 F1».


Late-ripening varieties

Varieties of cucumbers for open ground late maturing, more resistant to disease, tolerate frost. And some of them are used in the extended circulation.

  • For salads usually grown «MOVIR 1».
  • In pickling and the preservation of the best is «Nezhinskii local» and «Aquarius».
  • Stand out among the generic «Libelle» and «Farmer».

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Classification of varieties by region

When growing this crop, you must also consider the adaptability of the varieties to the regions. Usually cucumbers are considered heat-loving vegetable, but it is cultivated in the open ground and in Northern areas.

Varieties of cucumbers for open ground

  • For the cooler regions of early maturing recommended zasolochny «Murom 36», from the mid zasolochny «vyaznikovskiy 37», from the late – universal «Farmer».
  • Southerners prefer early maturing «Delpino» (canning grade), mid – Stepnoe (zasolochny), late of «Nijinsky» and «Aquarius».
  • Well adapted for growing in many parts of the «VIR 505», «Elegant», «Libelle», «MOVIR 1».

Learning to navigate the varieties of cucumbers, gardeners will be on my Desk year-round healthy vegetables which are an excellent tool against obesity.

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