Varieties of cranberries garden

Varieties of cranberries

Evergreen small shrub with short, dense inflorescences broadly expanding, grabbing more land.

Outwardly, it resembles a beautiful decorative rug.

In principle, of the colony of cranberries are planted and the gardeners exclusively for decorating the landscape.

Especially good is «living carpet» in the time of fruiting.

But to wait for the berries, will have to wait a few years until the first fruit (singular). And it provided good care for culture. Also abundant fruiting begins on a 4-year life of the plant.

The gardens cranberries came from the peat forests of Northern latitudes.Common culture and the cold tundra. Until the mid-20th century used mostly berries of wild cowberry.

First, who decided to domesticate the culture, became Americans. 50 years ago, with breeding began and cranberries European countries (Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany).

In our country the issues of official cultivation of berries still standing open. Mainly engaged in breeding cranberries fans.


Although the use of this shrub as in the food industry and in medicine is invaluable.

Varieties of cranberries

Has long been very popular all over the world use varieties of cranberries with foreign ancestry»: coral, Sousse said, Sana, Red Perk, Integern and Arnesen.

Recently they were joined by yet little-known variety Fleece Belavska who raised breeders from Poland. This kind of berry crops is endowed with high resistance even to strong frosts.

The Russian Federation officially registered in the State register only 3 varieties of cranberries: ruby, Kostroma pink, Kostromitsky. All of them have large berry, juicy and flavorful.

In the neighboring country – Ukraine official information about the domestic varieties are not. So if there bred varietal cranberries, it is only an Amateur, or use the culture of other countries.

The purpose of the cultivation of berries to increase its useful properties. Therefore, along with improving cold-resistant properties, varietal cranberries has a good yield compared to the wild (somewhere in 2-2,5 times).

Acquire planting varietal culture, usually in specialized stores or gardeners.

It is preferable to use the vegetative method of propagation, not seed. As

varieties of cranberries garden

the last harvest will have to wait quite a long time.

If you do try to cultivate cranberries are not graded, the better to prepare the cuttings.

And for this you should select only the bushes, which was a lot of big berries.

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