Varieties of courgettes.

Varieties of courgettes.

Siberian gardeners have long and successfully grows a variety of squash.

This vegetable is delicious and healthy.

The selection of varieties of zucchini. depends on how you will use the resulting harvest.

Some types of vegetable are good for immediate cooking, canning, and others can long remain and be consumed in the winter months.

Choose the variety depending on the size of the site, as the Bush types are more compact than those in which the fruits are formed on long lashes.

Residents of areas with cold climate it is better to choose varieties of zucchini, have a shorter maturity.

Siberian zucchini

  • The balloonist – before sozrevanie variety of multi-purpose great taste. Grows a compact Bush. Dark green zucchini is ribbed cylindrical form, tender and juicy flesh. The fruits are edible from an early age. Long-term stored without losing nutritional value. The plant is resistant to disease, is not affected by slugs.
  • TSUKASA – gives high yields, is early maturity. Can long be stored, preserving all its qualities. The Bush is compact, seldom branchy, cylindrical fruit, dark green with pale inclusions. Little affected by diseases. Suitable for salads, hot dishes, and canning.


  • For zucchini varieties Gribovsky 37 need much space, as the fruit bushes form a long whip. Ripening in mid-season deadline. Fruits are cylindrical, have a light green color, have excellent taste. Of raw vegetables and prepare vitamin salads. Also this variety has been successfully applied for preparing of hot meals and preparations for the winter. Thanks to a dense peel the vegetables can be stored long enough.
  • Early maturity and high yields differs zucchini Zheltoplodnaya. It is a compact Bush plant, yellow fruit which contains a lot of carotene. Used in cooking for preparation of dietary dishes and canning.
  • A special yield can boast zucchini Zebra. The Bush, which is compact, it provides almost no lashes. Matures early. Fruits set has been registered is high. They have the form slaborebristye of a cylinder, painted dark green stripes on a lighter background. Used in various areas of cooking. Plant firmly makes some decline in night temperature. Zucchini endure transportation very well.
  • Interesting cultivar of zucchini to Siberia the polar bear, specially designed for cold regions of the country. It has ultrarange maturation, high yields and has good keeping quality, perfectly tolerate transportation. Fruit tekokare, oval, with white flesh, delicate taste. Resistant to lowering the temperature, but not below 10 degrees. The use is universal. Varieties of courgettes.

To grow zucchini in Siberia using better seedlings, thereby reducing the waiting time of harvest. A ridge should be placed in a Sunny location and be protected from winds.

Subject to the necessary agronomic practices: timely watering, weeding and fertilizing the gardener will get a rich harvest.

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