Varieties of clematis – the name and description

Varieties of clematis

According to some gardeners, clematis is the king of vines.

This is not surprising, because the variety of colors and abundance of blooms makes this plant unique.

Gorgeous flowers of clematis can brighten any suburban area. The plant creates a feeling of orderliness and comfort.

All varieties of clematis are easy to grow in almost any area of the country. But which of them are most popular?

Clematis woolly. This variety is a shrubby vine with delicate shoots, which grow up to 2.5 meters. Sheet length up to 12 cm.

Has a smooth outer surface, but a woolly inner. The flowers appear on the current growth and last year. In autumn flower buds. Blooms white, purple and pink.

Flowers are large, from 12 to 20 cm in diameter. With the arrival of autumn perform pruning of shoots. The height of the shoots from the ground should be about one meter. The plant requires shelter for the winter. You can use sawdust or peat.

Clematis purple. The length of the creeper may be about 5 meters. This kind of varieties of clematis differs from other varieties for its elegance, growth rate and resistance to frost.


Purple clematis does not require shelter for the winter. Flower plants are large, up to 12 cm. it is Interesting that the flowering lasts from early summer to September.

If the plant is adult, then it dissolved a huge amount of buds. Color can be dark purple, purple-red, purple.

Tie flowers only on the branches this year. By the way, they should be cut for the winter. Purple clematis picky about watering and light. It can be planted along walls, pergolas and various supports.

Clematis spreading. This variety of clematis the length of a branch is approximately 3.5 m. Flowers like stars have a diameter of more than 15 cm Color can vary from light purple to purple.

In this group of clematis can be Terry and two tone flowers. Buds appear on the shoots of last year, occasionally the present. In the fall need to be shortened branches, crop withered shoots and to build a shelter for the winter, since it is not different hardiness.

Clematis colorful. Some varieties of clematis, in particular, it has colors mainly light. Length shoots up to 3 m. flower Diameter of 8 to 12 cm. flowering Begins in the spring on last year’s shoots.

Perform pruning to a height of 1.5 m from the ground. More crop is impossible, because flowering will be weak and only in the second half of the summer. Requires shelter.

Clematis Manchurian. Is a vigorous shrub, whose height is more than 1.5 m. rarely can grow up to 2.5 m. the climbing Plant clings to support poorly, or not clings.

Color may be different. The flowers have a diameter of about 12 see Abundant flowering on shoots of the current year. Winter pruning is required.

Varieties of clematis

Clematis fragrant. This is a dry vine can grow up to 12 m. Flowering begins in mid summer and continues until October.

Profuse flowering with small white fragrant flowers, their diameter is in the range of 3 see rapid Growth, does not require shelter for the winter, care is reduced to a minimum.

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