Varieties of cherries with the title and description

Cherry varieties

The most widespread fruit tree after tree can rightly be called a cherry.

Perhaps because it is the oldest of plants – fruit seeds were found by archaeologists during excavations of the Paleolithic layer.

In Russia, the population of the culture began with the Yuri Dolgoruky, which is laid in the suburbs the first garden of cherry trees.

Found in nature in 2 subgenera of the small-fruited cherry and typical, which in turn can be divided into one hundred and fifty species.

The most common of them is the cherry. It is considered the ancestor of varietal crops.

Most types of cherries are wild. Among cultivated popular somewhere around 6 species (not counting subspecies).

Besides self-growing trees there are in the family Rosaceae, and these rootstock species (e.g., Maksimovic cherry or cherry magleby).

The types of cherries


Along with the usual cherry breeders have paid attention to other species, to cultivate for local gardens:Sour cherry. Areolas wild trees can be found in the lower reaches of the don and the Volga and in the Crimea. It occurs in Asia Minor and European countries.

Sandy cherry. This undemanding hardy. The fruits of the cherries are bitter, so they taste like a cherry.

Especially prevalent this culture in North America, but occurs in gardeners Bashkiria, Altai, in the Krasnoyarsk region.

Steppe (shrub) cherry. As the wildflower shrub can be found in the southern Urals and the Volga. This kind of «gave life» of most hybrids of cherry.

Cherry hill States. This is most pronounced among the bushes due to the large shoots from the roots. In a wild state is not found and cultivated her look is called the cherry of the Vladimir.

Chinese cherry felt) many people consider separate species. Although this is a breeding grown hybrid. The same interspecific hybrid cherry is a cherry.

Cherry varieties

Culturela one or the other type of cherries, plant breeders create more and more new varieties. Each of which can be divided into 2 types depending on the color of the fruit.

In amreli the juice is clear, therefore, fruits are lighter in color. In Glotov (or Morel) cherry dark color with a more saturated hue of the juice.

They differ in taste: the fruits of the last sweet and sour, some species even sour.

Also cherry varieties differ on other parameters: form (tree or shrub), time of ripening, type of fruiting. Some varieties – samoplodnye, while others need a pollinator.

The most common varieties of cherries grown in the Russian latitudes – moreliya: «Alma-ATA beauty», «Assol», «Griot Moscow», «Rossoshanskiy black», «Uralochka», «harvest» and many others.

Part Grigorovich cherry cultivars grown for cultivation in certain areas. For example, «Crimson» — for the Orel and Moscow, «Zhukovskaya» for Tula and Kaluga.

«Were korostylevsk» Novgorod is a local variety, a «Red flag» — Tambov.

Among the best early varieties of cherries is considered a «Podbelskogo». A dessert cultivar

cherry varieties

«Surprise» is the result of crossing cherry with cherry.

«Big Veniaminov» appeared after crossing «Vladimir» and «Lubsko» cherry.

From samoplodnye popular cherry varieties «Youth». Among amareleja is possible to provide a «Spanko chimskoe» with bright red juicy fruits.

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