Varieties of cauliflower

Varieties of cauliflower

Cabbage, culture of ancient. And the main representative of the cabbage grown in the domestic garden long ago.

But some other types of this vegetable product for our gardeners are considered a fairly young culture.

As for example cauliflower.

And even this plant in Russia is considered relatively new (cultivated since the 18th century.), cauliflower has quite a rich history.

The first mention of the culture found in the annals of ancient Syria.

Therefore, cauliflower and ended up in medieval Europe as «Syrian cabbage». And were imported from the East in the «ready-made», cut inflorescences.

Until the 19th century. the Europeans believed that from this you can get cabbage seeds. So, what Russian gardeners for centuries before the Europeans began to cultivate cauliflower.

Varieties of cauliflower


Cauliflower still refers to the culture of Amateur breeders especially not practiced. And those hybrids that they are grown, have a regional purpose.

But a number of varieties of cauliflower is well developed and warmth, and in cold climates.

The most common for widespread outdoor cultivation are varieties of cauliflower:

Early Gribovsky – variety is sufficiently resistant to the hot climate. Develops at 80-100 days.

The head can grow up to 1 kg. with good care from 1 sq. m. it is possible to remove up to 2.5 kg of cabbage.

White ball refers to late-maturing variety of cauliflower. It features good resistance to autumn frost. 1 sq. m. can be obtained from 4 to 6 kg of cauliflower. Average head weight – 2 kg.

MOVIR 74 can be attributed to the universal sort, which quietly tolerates heat, and freezing.

Depending on the region where it is grown, the growth period is in the range of 70-125 days. Head grow small – up to 1.4 kg, but 1 sq. m. it is possible to remove 4 kg.

For cultivation in greenhouses summer farmers prefer hybrid variety of cauliflower Asterix.

Though this variety has good resistance to various adverse conditions, and could be suitable for open ground. He is not prone diseases and powdery mildew.

Since the chaff and seed to first harvest takes place about 4 months. 1 sq. m. it is possible to grow 2-2,5

kg of cauliflower varieties Asterix.

But heads with a stretch reach 1 kg (apparently affect greenhouse conditions).

All other varieties of cauliflower grown in greenhouses and in open ground, have narrower zoning.

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