Varieties of carrots.

Varieties of carrots.

Already much has been said about the carrots: and cancer it heals, and anemia first, vision make sharper, thanks to the content of carotene, a beautiful supplier of vitamins.

And yet – rarely what the hostess will prepare a dinner without carrots, and, consequently, the garden at his dacha without this vegetable is not a vegetable garden.

Broad mother Russia and for each region are recommended to have their special varieties to be always a rich harvest. Consider the varieties of carrots to Siberia.

1. Sort of a cute name «nastena-Slastena«. Refers to mid-season varieties, harvesting can begin after a hundred or a hundred and twenty days. Sowing produces better in may. And preferably to a depth of 2 cm

The carrot gives the first sprouts at zero temperature 3 to 4 degrees. It is recommended to do twice thinning: first, the appearance of the first leaves, the second time, when there is a phase beam of ripeness.

Fruits are sweet and juicy, characterized by the presence of carotene in increased amounts. This cultivar is recommended for squeezing carrot juice.

2. «Diane«. Closely related vegetables belonging to one type can be called «Nantes» and «Berlicum«. Middle-grade carrots, the harvest can begin already in 65-70 days.

Has a high yield. It is advisable to sow the seeds in moist soil to avoid thickening. The value of the class lies in its sweetness.

3. «Santana«. This variety was bred at the experimental station of Barnaul, so as no other suitable planting of Siberia.

You’ll be pear shape and white flesh. To start digging the vegetable can be in 115 days. The harvest is usually up to 8 kg per quadramet.

4. «Losinoostrovskaya 13«. The variety has medium maturity, the aging process is from 80 to 100 days. Resistant to tsvetushnosti.

Has a high keeping quality, so it can be used not only fresh, but also to leave for a long winter storage. One of the varieties recommended for making baby food.

Also it can be used for fodder purposes. The surface is full of small holes, and the flesh is tender and juicy, orange.

5. The sort of «autumn Queen«. Carrots for Siberia average maturity, the types include «the Flaccus«.

You’ll be red-orange color, a smooth surface of the fruit. A sufficiently high yield. Suitable both for fresh consumption and for storage and subsequent processing.

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