Varieties of black chokeberry

Varieties of black chokeberry

Shrubs chokeberry with black fruit in the wild are found everywhere. Sometimes taking this plant as a weed.

But there are cultivated varieties that bear the name «chokeberry».

Found in nature in more than 2 dozen species of this shrub. But cultivation has undergone 2 «North American»: black and red chokeberry. Their hybridization has given purple Aronia.

Chokeberry — history

In our country actively were selected, the culture began a famous biologist Ilya Michurin in the late 19th century. By crossing the black and purple Aronia and a species – chokeberry.

Parallel was created is another hybrid sorbaronia, which laid the basis of 5 different types Aronia.

The purpose of breeding Michurinskiy chokeberry was the creation of fruit crops, able to adapt to the zone of «risky» gardening.

Especially actual this problem became in the first years of the Soviet regime, when he formed collective farms even in regions with harsh cold climates.

Black chokeberry by the way, came where other fruit crops are not growing. Thanks to an experimental hybridization of the cultivated Aronia has learned to adapt in any environment.

Good resistance of some species of this shrub have resulted, for example, to plant a garden in the Arctic (confirmation station Apatity).

Varieties of chokeberry

Despite the fact that the Aronia selekcioniruut for decades in our country with the official registration of varieties of this crop, the situation is tight. Although the name «chokeberry» in the assortment of the Russian Federation for a long time.

All the new varieties that have appeared lately as a result of experiments domestic breeders, there are mostly only records of Botanical stations, without inclusion in the state register.

The reason for this can be called, perhaps, a greater similarity of varieties on the grounds. Externally, they are very difficult to distinguish between them.

Among gardeners, especially popular cultivar of black chokeberry under the name «Black-eyed».

But it is not so much a culture of domestic origin as a result of selection of types from mixed geographic «registration». Exactly the same as the other varieties: «Nero», «Erect», «Rubin».

Varieties of chokeberry foreign selection

In foreign selectionerul it goes better – all that they raised, officially patented and became world famous.

Varieties of black chokeberry

Our gardeners actively cultivated varieties are foreigners.

In suburban areas can meet the Aronia Finnish selection («Viking», «Jackie»), and Danish («Aron»).

The poles shared with our gardeners varieties «Nova ves», «Dobrovice», «Kutno».

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