Varieties of begonias title and description

Varieties of begonias

A variety of shapes, sizes, colors is simply amazing.

They are herbaceous, shrub and subshrub.

And types of not too little – about nine.

Some varieties of begonias grow to a height of about three metres, others reach a few centimeters.

And yet the most popular among gardeners use decorative — deciduous and flowering.

Varieties of begonias

Vale of eternal blossoms. This kind of growing shrubs to a height of about 50 cm Sheet with streaks of smooth, simple shapes. The stalk is strong without hairs. Blooms white, red and pink.

The Royal begonia. The herbaceous species. The stem is not large, but powerful with red hairs.

Royal beauty is very lush due to the fact that the leaves have long petioles. The leaf is big, beautiful, rugged on the edge. The top is pointed.

Begonia hang-Downing. The sheet dyed in a bright color. Nice fluffy flowers arranged in a cascade. It is advisable to purchase plants with male flowers.

This begonia will have large flowers with a diameter up to 8 cm Flowering each flower lasts about 10 days.


Mason. From this class the most attractive part are the sheets with a unique pattern.

Originality is the presence of chocolate-colored cross pattern in the center of the sheet. Bush height of only about 20 cm.

But the length of a single sheet of approximately 20 cm were most Often painted sheet in yellow color with delicate silvery shade. In summer can appear not too beautiful flowers, painted green.

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 Tuberous begonia. The variety includes varieties of begonia with hairy leaves and smooth, plush and normal colors, and colors can be different – both point and uniform.

Tiger. Beauty lies in the diversity of leaf. Their shape is similar to the heart, cut along the edge of the teeth.

The leaves have a length of about 7 cm. the Outer surface is yellow-green in color with a coffee shade, and small patches of emerald green. Shoots can curl or stand. Bush height of about 30 cm.

The variety African jungle. Leaves with straight stems chocolate and green colours. The plant has a height of from 5 to 45 see lush Bush. Can be used as hanging plants.

Begonia Albert Martin. Bush height of about 15 cm green Leaf with red edging. The Bush is quite lush. The plant is recommended to plant groups and just in a flower pot.

Begonia Amber. Bush compact, not high. Leaves, painted in brown color. Looks very nice in the border.

Elatior. These varieties of begonias have a height of about 40 cm Escape a powerful, thickened. The leaves grow alternately on petioles with a length of about 8 cm.

Form heart-shaped, the edge is crushed. The outer side is smooth, beautiful, inner frosted with a delicate green tint.


All species and varieties of begonias prefer fertile soil and warm place, with direct sunlight the plants need to be removed. The flower is not whimsical, but each species has its own nuances in care.

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