Varieties of beets.

varieties of beets.

Despite the harsh climate in Siberia you can grow many varieties of vegetables.

Particularly favorable conditions in the southern part because of the great length of a day, as well as intense sunshine.

After studying some secrets to landing, you can get acceptable crop, and some crops are better than in other regions of the country.

Varieties of beets.

One of the vegetables that can be grown in Siberia, there are beets. Of course, you need to choose varieties suitable for this climate, but there are several types.

This variety has the most early-ripening fruit «Siberian Flat.» This beet flat shape, fruit weight is 200-300 grams. Has good cold tolerance, resistance to Cercospora and tsvetochnoe. Taste qualities are excellent.

The following sort – «Bordeaux 237» – mid-season variety. Grows and Matures within 95-110 days. The fruits of such beet weight up to 500 grams.

Have a round shape with red flesh, rich flavor, slightly sweet. When planting you need to consider that the benefits of beets grow quickly, so you need later to sit or sagemath.

A very convenient variety for Siberia, gives a good yield even in poor weather conditions, and easily tolerates the heat, has a long shelf life in the winter.

«Doroshkova» beetroot is a late-ripening varieties. Has a spherical shape with a fruit weight of 300-600 grams.

Has a good yield and storability, and resistance to tsvetochnomu. Because of its excellent flavor and beautiful color is a good option for a variety of dishes.

Among the medium early varieties of sugar beet in Siberia is the «Incomparable». A big plus is a good yielding variety. Can withstand cold, has good safety, has a gestation period of 70 to 100 days.

The roots round shape, Burgundy colour, weighing from 150 to 420 grams. This variety is convenient because it is resistant to Cercospora.

«Cold-resistant – 19» is a medium early variety of beet in Siberia (the period prior to harvest 2-2. 5 months).

The roots have a mass of 250 grams, smooth, round, rich dark red color. Very juicy and tender, and the pulp can be used for many dishes. This grade is suitable for inwinter or early landing, well kept.

«Inwinter beet» is suitable for mid-season planting. It has a rounded shape

varieties of beets.

fetus weighing 200 to 400 grams.

Beets are a beautiful Burgundy color. Cold resistance and resistance to plant diseases makes it convenient for crops.

Choice varieties of sugar beet in Siberia is very diverse, the main thing is to approach all the processes of planting, care and harvest. The result will be only the most positive.

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