Varieties of barberry

Sortie the barberry

Nature has tried so much that generously gave people more than 500 different varieties of barberry.

The plant is presented in the form of ornamental shrubs, with beautiful, brightly colored leaves, spiky branches and a spectacular view during the flowering and fruiting.

Almost all barberry varieties have strong root system, which can be a reliable reinforcement for steep slopes.

Among the cultivated species in a large number of shrubs are very beautiful and can decorate any garden.

Of varieties

 Berberis vulgaris. Grows mostly in Crimea and Caucasus, and also in forest-steppe of Russia. Bush height not exceeding 2.5 m stems, painted in yellow with brownish hue. Sprawling branches. The spines divided into three parts, and have a length of on average 2 cm.

Flowering occurs in late spring, the first days of summer and the accompanying pleasant aroma. With the onset of autumn the leaves become yellow and hang on the hands the color of blood edible berries up to 1.5 cm long. The taste is sour but refreshing.

Care nearly all varieties of barberry are not whimsical. This variety has resistance to frost, drought. Excellent fruiting in full sun, although it can grow in slight shadows.


After cropping gives a lot of shoots. Reproduction is by cuttings, seeds or division of a Bush. The Berberis vulgaris many varieties, the most popular are:

  • Atropurpurea. Shrub up to 2 meters with red leaves;
  • Albomarmorata. Bush height up to 1 m. with variegated leaves;
  • Aureomarginata. The leaves are dark emerald green with a Golden frame and small spots.

 The Amur barberry. Very similar to its predecessor, has a height of up to 3.5 m Shrub branching. The leaf is big with serrated edge and shiny surface. Spines long, about 2 cm Flowering begins in may. Brush long, yellow, fragrant. Berries up to 1 cm, red in color, edible, sour taste.

Plant hardy, low maintenance best grown in a bright place. For reproduction using cuttings, seeds or cuttings. Great for plantings or fencing. There are also other varieties:

  • The japonica. The leaves are broad, with a rounded end and yellow flowers.
  • Orpheus. Shrub height less than 1 m, the crown is neat. Sheet painted in light green color. The bloom is absent.

 Canadian barberry. Spreading shrub to 2.5 m tall. Branches are dark red. Length of spines up to 1.2 cm, the sheet is elongated, oval. It blooms from may to June. Fruit red, 1 cm long, Fruiting is abundant and annual.

Care is not difficult because the plant stands out for the stability to drought, but likes a bright spot. For reproduction using cuttings and seeds. Varieties of canadian barberry is ideal for landscaping. Here are some varieties:

Sortie the barberry

  • Declinata. Branches yellow color with a purple hue. The fruits are bright red;
  • Oxyphylla. The letter pointed with small teeth;
  • Rehderiana. Branches are thin, brick red, leaf oval to 3 cm long. The berries are purple-red.


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