Varieties of asters – the names and descriptions

Sortie istr

You can often see garden plantation, fenced with hedges of flowering shrubs.

Make flowers and borders paths, relaxation areas.

They are especially good in group plantings of various varieties of asters perennial.

Tough stems with many small leaves can grow up to a height of five feet.

The flowers of asters similar to the baskets, which reach a diameter of 5 cm and, depending on the number of petals may be single or double.

Boasts Astra and a variety of shades: white and pink, red and purple. But if it is a flower in her reed. The tubular flowers have only one tone of yellow.

Share varieties of asters and the time of their flowering. Therefore, to admire the flower bed with perennial shrubs for the entire season – from may to October.

Varieties of asters most popular types of

The variety of asters klassificeret 5 main species groups. Each of them combines varieties that differ in color of flowers.

Alpine Aster is most often planted in rock gardens. The stalk is pubescent, of a basket single. Replete with color in may and June.

The most common varieties of asters: white Alba, light purple, Goliath, dark purple Dunkle Chenet, rose red Ruber.

The Italian Aster blooms from July to October. In this species the stems are more hairy, leaves sessile, basket – loose flaps.

Popular varieties of asters: Dwarf purple, light pink Henry Seybert, pink rose.

The plant Astra has a strong branching. Stem softly hairy, leaves lanceolate, baskets – 3-inch flaps. Blooms in the fall.

The most common varieties Stra: dark Shpetroze pink, pale pink Diana.

New England Aster is the highest, reaching 2 m. Numerous stems much branched, rough leaves, baskets in racemes of 25. Gives flowers only in September.

Popular varieties: dark violet Constance, red violet Dr Eckener, red bars Pink.

Sortie istr

Astra novoblogika has a bare stem, but there are slightly pubescent branches. The leaves are oblong, basket – like inflorescences in a panicle. This species also blooms in September.

Common varieties of asters: the blue Saturn blue Oktoberfest semi-double, purple-red, Brichwood Rayel, dark semi-double violet Amethyst.

Sometimes to the category of asters are credited with annual plants, also popularly referred to as asters. Present their name, callistephus, and they are a completely different genus.

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