Varieties beet — names and description

Sortie Buriak

Nice to return home from the country, despite the rural areas, flashing through the car window.

This necessarily arises just out of curiosity and compare the verdant plantations belonging to different owners.

Anything among them like that, and sometimes not entirely clear.

Such thoughts often arise when there is summer heat you see covered with white cloth, vaguely standing bushes and vegetable plants, particularly beets.

Think, why is such a huge choice of seed varieties in each shop to engage in self-cultivation of them with, not always a big plot, mentioning the methods of our grandmothers.

Nevertheless, this process of getting seeds well adapted to local conditions, has the right to life and is increasingly used in rural areas.

Kinds of beet

At present, special popularity was received beet varieties of the foreign selection. They have aligned roots, stable yields. In taste, length of storage period, the released species may not concede, and sometimes and better.

Whichever option for landing choose, the main thing is to remember that they may relate to varieties of early, medium and late.

First for landing you need to use varieties of beets And Inwinter-474 and Doroshkova. And after 80 days you can get a great new crop of beets.

Known varieties of Bordeaux and its numerous varieties will allow to get the root crops in the middle of the season.

And that’s sort of a Cylinder with soft flesh, ready for harvest in late periods. This variety of beetroot is very good for winter use.

The cultivation of beet seeds

Modern seed farms almost annually offering seeds of new varieties of beets and other vegetables.

Often it is the hybrids with certain requirements regarding the cultivation, used only one season. Among them, Pablo, Detroit, bona, Dasha, Sonata, Red ball, Cylinder and many others.

Sometimes the bag contains a very small amount of beet seeds, which causes great frustration.

High quality seeds of own production, you can have as many, if to avoid cross-pollination and perform agricultural practices of growing Queen cells that can be stored in winter, equipped for this purpose. Or directly on the site, if weather conditions allow.

Scientists recommend a technique that came from the experience of growing seeds in home gardens, called minting or removal of the stem apex.

So it was broken by our ancestors before the light wrap light fabric and get a beautiful bouquet with the gradual maturation of the seeds.

Appearance of healthy seed is a solid lump, which is a few pieces of steel balls. They’ll grow some sprouts, which are used as additional seedlings.

Only odnorostkovaja kinds of beet sprout with shoots that do not require the process of thinning.

Technology presowing treatment of seeds, soaking, germination, planting methods, soil preparation, use of watering and fertilizing for this,

sortie Buriak

the widely used culture has been well researched and tested.

Very often in mysterious niches, nestled in the masonry Russian stove, was preserved and guarded linen bags with your own seeds of various vegetables, the harvest of which grew great.

Share them with neighbors, to maintain records of the storage period. So, why not try to do this now?

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