Valotta — care at home


Valotta – flower belongs to the family amaryllidaceae, appeared in the homes of gardeners in the eighteenth century.

This plant belongs to onion, it is pink, salmon and bright pink flowers, gathered in an umbrella and arranged on long peduncle.

Flowers appear usually in July and wither in September. This plant also has thin dark green leaves up to 65 cm.

Most often in pots grow 2 varieties of valotti beautiful and purple.

Growing valotta

 Location and lighting

As this plant loves intense light, it is better to place it on the Western, Eastern and southern Windows. Morning and evening the allowable direct sunlight.

In summer you can make the flower on the balcony or to take on a garden plot. Undesirable placement of pot plants on draught and in locations with sharp temperature changes.


Valotta likes moderately high temperatures. So, it is not desirable to increase it to 25 degrees and more, in winter the optimum temperature is +8-12°C.

Watering and humidity

Prefers moderate watering, which is from February to April (the dormant period) is significantly reduced. Excess water from the tray it is desirable to pour.

Spray the plant on hot summer days, in addition, periodically, leaves should be cleaned with a damp sponge. On the flowers to get wet should not.


Valotte need fertilizing in the period of active growth from may to October. Fertilized every 3 weeks using serially mineral and organic.

It is useful to periodically feed with liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.

Transplantation and propagation

The flower does not tolerate transplanting. If it needs to be transplanted, do it carefully not to damage the bulb. By the way, close the pot even more favorable for flowering.

Suitable for plants, the soil should consist of a mixture of leaf, turf, peat lands, as well as mullein and sand.

Is propagated by seeds and «baby» (daughter bulbs). The first method is more time consuming. The seeds are planted in October-November in a light soil and kept at a temperature of about 25°C.

The second method is to separate the «children» of plants and Seating in the ground. You can propagate the plant in this way: divide the onion into 4 pieces and planted in the ground.

Pests and fight with them

The plant can attack scale insects and spider mites. To get rid of them, in water, diluted soap, dipped in a solution of the swab and wipe leaves.

You can then use special products that sell in the store.

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