Useful properties of turnip

useful properties of turnip

The Swede is the plant growing cycle which varies from twelve to twenty-four months.

Her homeland is Sweden, where the useful properties Swede known for a long time, so English it is called Swedish turnip.

It belongs to the cabbage family. This is a very popular vegetable in Northern European countries, so its a pleasure to eat not only in Sweden but also in Germany and Finland.

From a turnip rutabaga is different:

  • in size it is much bigger;
  • form, the rutabaga is more reminiscent of sugar beets;
  • color, it has a different color: top-purple, bottom – green, with white pulp;
  • taste, no bitterness, like the turnip, on the contrary, it has a sweet taste.

Despite the fact that the Swede has useful properties, in our gardens it is rare.

Useful properties of turnip


  • This vegetable – just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, so nutritionists recommend meals from a Swede with a cold, for low immunity.
  • The presence of this vegetable ascorbic acid provides the duration of storage, it also has fiber, sugar, protein and pectin.


  • Rutabaga has diuretic properties and is useful in diseases of respiratory ways. It thins phlegm and eases a dry cough.
  • Nutritionists advise to use turnips in atherosclerosis of the brain and aorta. It also helps to combat swelling of the feet, which result from kidney disease and heart.
  • Even the Swede is renowned for its laxative effect, meals with it just the necessary for constipation. It improves digestion and normalizes intestinal motility. This property makes the Swede so attractive to people who are sick with obesity. However, in acute diseases of the bowels, turnips are not recommended.
  • Useful properties and turnip juice. He can easily make up for the lack of iron in anemia. Small abscesses, pustular diseases of a nature to lubricate freshly squeezed juice from a turnip, it has antimicrobial properties and can act as an antiseptic. The juice of this vegetable should be applied externally for skin burns, as the Swede and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Moreover, it is quite undemanding plant, does not require a special care.
  • Plus rutabagas is the fact that to grow it everywhere.

All these characteristics allow us to conclude that the rutabaga is unjustifiably a forgotten vegetable gardeners.

Grow turnips on their favorite houses, and you will save yourself from many diseases, and your table will always be full of delicious and healthy meals.

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