Useful properties of the Vietnamese

Useful properties of the Vietnamese

Everything that gives nature, Asian healers actively use in their practice.

And so the beneficial properties of the Vietnamese (Indian yellow cucumber), make it desirable and in the domestic garden suburban areas.

Recently the representative of Pumpkin has become popular in our country.

But most truckers use the Indian cucumber, not so much for its useful properties as as a decorative exotic garden plants thanks to the original appearance of the winding vines.

The fruits of the Vietnamese (young) eat as usual for us cucumber: eat a fresh, make salads and use in conservation (pickled vegetable is very tasty). Drink fresh juice of a young Zelentsov.

But to get involved in this exotic vegetable can be not for everyone. Because of the large concentration of sugars in fruit (over 4%) MOMORDICA are contraindicated for diabetics.

Pregnant women should abandon the use of yellow cucumber, it has an abortive effect.

Useful properties of the Vietnamese


The color of fresh fruit (orange-yellow) suggests that it includes carotene. In addition, lycopene, calcium salts and phosphoric acid, vitamin C.

Unsaturated oils, fats, proteins and carbohydrates make the MOMORDICA useful in diseases of the stomach (especially ulcers).

Especially prized by healers in China and Vietnam that the use of vegetable almost no waste – each share of the Vietnamese has useful properties.

The seeds have an unpleasant smell, but is the most valuable medicinal product of cucumber.

They are recommended as a means of expelling excess urine from the body swelling, as well as a way to stop any inflammation. Eating sunflower seeds are useful in feverish conditions.

No less valuable and mucus (sticky), envelops the seed it contains large amount of carotene. Of mucus producing oil with a high content of vitamins.

Eastern healers use it for healing wounds, burns, ulcers, treatment of eye diseases. It’s a great prophylactic against the development of rickets.Used inside the oil slime from the Vietnamese will help boost immunity.

It is not necessary to ignore the leaves of the Indian cucumber. Well it helps with

useful properties of the Vietnamese

the compresses in the treatment of various skin diseases.

And in the folk medicine of the East the leaves of the Vietnamese are considered very effective remedy for bites of poisonous snakes and insects.

Even the roots of plants «contributes» to the treatment. The broth can be used as an expectorant tea for colds (particularly bronchitis).

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