Useful properties of sea buckthorn

useful properties of sea buckthorn

The fruits of sea buckthorn have useful properties, so they are widely used in traditional and folk medicine.

Sea buckthorn contains a large set of minerals and vitamins required for human health.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins a, C, B1, B3, fatty oils OT2,5% to 7.8%, Riboflavin, lycopene, tocopherol, phylloquinone, folic, palmitic, stearic, linoleic, oleic acid, tannins and so on.

The root system contains substances which are tested in laboratories and are designed to fight tumors.

The healing properties of the berries are used to relieve pain and inflammation, to accelerate wound healing and tissue repair.

The most common application in the form of tinctures, juice and syrup. Sea buckthorn oil is prescribed for ulcerative disease of the stomach and esophagus, vitamin deficiency.

It has analgesic, epitelizirutmi properties, and the leaves are a good remedy for rheumatism. The oil is also used in gynecology, with the defeat of the mucous membrane and skin.

Useful properties of sea buckthorn are saved and frozen, so therapeutic oil can be done at home at any time of the year.

First, the juice extracted and the pulp needs to be dried, grind and pour sunflower oil (1 part of sea buckthorn oil and 1.5, calculate by weight).

Insist sea buckthorn oil at a temperature of 20° -23°, three weeks, several times a day stirring the mixture.

After the expiration of the oil to drain into a glass container, seal and refrigerate.

It can be used inside of 1 tsp 3 times a day, with ulcerative disease of the stomach, dyskinetic disorders, diseases of the duodenum, etc., but only after consulting your doctor, if there is no medical contraindication.

When hair loss traditional recipes suggest to wash hair with decoction of young twigs, and then rubbed sea buckthorn oil in the head.

Also the healing properties of the fruit manifested in rheumatism and diseases of the joints. This is a tea from the leaves of sea buckthorn.

Tablespoon of dry powdered leaves pour 250ml. water and boil for 10 minutes, strain and add boiling water to 20ml. Take 2 times a day half a Cup.

Before applying sea buckthorn oil topically, the affected area must be processed, only then can you apply the oil, and the top impose gauze bandage which is changed daily.

As a preventive measure cooked oil can be used one teaspoon daily or eat a handful of berries. Before treatment, please consult your physician.

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