Useful properties of Rowan

Useful properties of Rowan

Despite the tartness of the berries, the culture is still popular. The reason for this is beneficial properties of mountain ash.

In medicinal purposes are used not only fruits can benefit the health of the bark, buds and leaves.

Eat fresh berries of mountain ash, drink juices, infused teas made of fruits, the bands from the fresh leaves.

The medicinal composition of the ash

In fruits there are a large number of organic acid (sorbic, citric, malic, tartaric). Included in the composition and vitamins (B1, C, E, R) and sugar.

In addition, there are tannins, catechins, flavonoids and much more.

It makes culture almost same price of all the fruit. Therefore, the use of at least one of the clusters of mountain ash per day will provide the body a large amount of useful biologically active substances.

The letter also contains flavonoids and phenol carbonic acids, vitamins and anthocyanins. The activity of these elements in the order above, than, for example, garlic and onions.

Due to this still in the villages the leaves of ash shift the roots and tubers stored in the basement. This prevents the development of rot.

The usefulness of Rowan

The presence of this tree on the site would greatly facilitate the owner’s life. So, if the mountain ash to break up the beds, it will be an absolute guarantee of the absence of fungal diseases and lesions of Phytophthora vegetable crops.

If the reservoirs of stagnated water, a twig of Rowan to cleanse her from a musty taste and kill the stinking smell. In about 3 hours killing all the harmful microbes teeming in the water.

Those areas that are sloped, can be strengthened through the root system of the tree. Plantings of mountain ash and prevent the formation of ravines.

The healing properties of mountain ash

In folk medicine, there is probably no one area, which would not have been useful Rowan. This laxative, diuretic, wound healing and hemostatic, antimicrobial and antifungal.

In addition, a good effect Rowan on metabolism, compensates the deficiency of vitamins in the body, detoxifies the liver from excess fats, removes

Useful properties of Rowan

cholesterol, strengthens blood vessels.

Using the fruits of mountain ash it is possible to fight exhaustion and anaemia, and also increase the acidity of gastric juice.


In ancient times used the mountain ash and as a contraceptive. Therefore, it is contraindicated to pregnant women, to avoid the threat of miscarriage.

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