Useful properties of honeysuckle

Useful properties of honeysuckle

The decoration of the garden can not only bring visual enjoyment.

As a rule, all the green areas have biological value.

This is especially true of fruit crops, which is owned and «honeysuckle, edible».

The berries of the plant it is better to eat processed.

But useful and drinks prepared from the fruits of honeysuckle. Their intense, sweet and sour taste effect on the body refreshing.

Useful properties of honeysuckle

Bad berry and blanks: compotes, jams, jams. Prepared from the fruit of honeysuckle jelly tasty and nutritious jelly, as well as a filling for homemade pies.

The presence of a small bitterness in the taste makes the berries similar to blueberries. But the content of useful minerals, this berry can be compared with the cranberries.

Particularly rich in the fruits of Caprioli (the second name of culture) vitamin R that puts their value on a «pedestal» with Aronia.

The value of berries

The fruit honeysuckle wild in themselves is a good natural drugstore. But with each new variety grown by the breeders strive to improve the useful properties of honeysuckle, making the culture more valuable.

Vitamin P (bioflavonoid) is predominant in the berries of the plant. If every day to eat at least 100 grams of fruits, you can not worry about the elasticity of capillary walls.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is «responsible» not only for the preservation of blood vessels, but also enhances immunity of the body.

Man needs the b vitamins, some of which is in the fruit of Perfoliate: B1 (thiamine) will not develop such serious diseases as beriberi; B6 (pyridoxine) will be protected from convulsive epileptic seizures.

Potassium is responsible for heart and tonics the kidneys. Berries cultures – a good diuretic.

Pectins have a wide range of positive effects. These elements are contained in honeysuckle will balance the flora in the gut and help to fight against multiple sclerosis, will provide protivotoksicheskoe action and withdraw heavy metals from the body.

There are in berries of honeysuckle anthocyanins, catechins, organic substances, sugars.

Folk use of useful properties of honeysuckle

Thanks to its rich composition of healing Perfoliate widely used in folk medicine.

For example, in the regions natural habitats the plants (far East, Siberia, Kamchatka, Altai) the fruits are indispensable in the treatment of scurvy.

In many formulations of the honeysuckle are used as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and diuretic. Helps to expel excess

useful properties of honeysuckle

a liquid decoction of the young shoots with leaves.

Externally a decoction useful for colds for gargling. And if the leaves of honeysuckle to dry and grind into powder, you can sprinkle the wounds of any origin.

As fresh berries of Caprioli and dishes are useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic constipation and frequent diarrhea.

Will have a great benefit they are to cores, hypertensive patients, people with compromised metabolism.

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