Useful properties of daikon

Useful properties of daikon

Not so long ago in our country was hit by a vegetable, has a «kinship» with our usual radish and a radish, but with a softer bitterness.

Due to its taste and useful properties of radish have already managed to win popularity among gourmets.

Daikon make nutritious salads, seasoning olive (or other vegetable) oil or sour cream.

And it enters into the composition of the other dishes, giving them a peculiar piquancy. This root vegetable is a good addition to the diet menu.

Useful properties of daikon

Daikon is present in the daily diet of Asians. And this is what it says Yes, because East kitchen uses only wholesome foods which fill the human body with positive energy.

So we should pay attention to the useful properties of exotic roots.

  • Bactericidal and disinfectant properties daikon will be useful in catarrhal and other infectious diseases.


  • Disease, neurological (arthritis and atherosclerosis) is also an indication for the consumption of Oriental roots.
  • And vegetable help to cleanse the kidneys and liver of toxins and the gallbladder from the stones.
  • To establish the GASTRO-intestinal tract and to remove excess liquid – this is also in the forces daikon.
  • Frequent consumption of Japanese radish (also known as the vegetable) will help to increase the General immunity of the body.
  • And it is believed that daikon can compete with radionuclides.

The flavor of the root is softer than in the domestic radish: Danone the minimum number of glycosides and mustard oil. Therefore vegetables can be safely consumed cores.

The way to look goodEven if you’re not «pursue» any disease, daikon radish, you still need to eat, because in its composition contains antioxidants. Eating in the morning, salads with daikon or drinking a glass of juice, you rejuvenate your body and prolongs your life.

Cleansing the body of toxins is the first step in establishing the endocrine system. When start mechanism proper metabolism, it will bounce back not only the body, the nerves. A balanced person is always resistant to stress and depression.

Look after the «good» booze, if, slept on an empty stomach to drink a glass of fresh juice daikon – the action is more effective than the cabbage brine.

A small «but»in Spite of the fact that the composition of daikon contains vitamins b and C, pectin, cellulose, enzymes, in certain conditions, the vegetable can be harmful:

Useful properties of daikon

  • Contributing to the normal digestion, daikon radish at the same time can cause exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease.


  • The same thing could happen when cleaning up any body – if you have a serious disease, useful properties daikon should be abandoned.


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