Useful properties of cranberries

Useful properties of cranberries

Cranberries – the native wild berry. But it has several useful properties.

So wild gradually turned into a cultivated plant.

Often it is used for decoration of garden plots (e.g. rock gardens).

Regarded culture that endures cold, all year round keeping their leaves green. Because of this use the services of the «cranberry-pharmacy» you can constantly.

Use cranberries

Does not lose its medicinal properties berry and frozen. But most still use processed (jam, fruit drinks, extracts). Although there are people who like to enjoy fresh cranberries. Although she is not sweet, but is attractive for its spicy bitterness.

Delicious and healthy pickled and sour berry. And the water in which it is aged, takes on an unusual taste and is used as a tonic, invigorating drink.

More «lingonberry water» is recommended to drink for those who suffer from frequent constipation. In the depths of Siberia contrived from cranberries to make a coffee substitute. To do this, the berries are first dried and then calcined.


And leaves of the crop are quite good enough for brewing delicious tea. In cooking, useful properties of cranberries are actively used not only in sweet products – berry softness of fish and meat dishes, and is also part of the garnishes.

And cranberries – a good analogue of «Mezim», so it is recommended to have for dessert after a heavy meal.

But especially valuable are the healing properties of culture. Tartaric, ascorbic, citric, malic and other organic acids, carotene, pectin, carbohydrates, vitamins and many minerals do cranberries «right» to such diseases as rheumatism, gout, gastritis, beriberi, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, diarrhea.

Diverse scope of useful properties of cranberries, as a folk medicine.

Leaf tea helps to eliminate stones from the gallbladder, helps stop uterine bleeding, to cure the common cold.

And it’s a great General tonic, helping to relieve fatigue.

Very popular with folk healers, the juice of fresh berries cranberries in the treatment of fevers, and in the fight against scurvy.

A good antiseptic properties of aqueous extract of the cranberry

useful properties of cranberries


Now just need to know when you need to stock sheet material.

The most useful are those that were collected in early spring, even before the formation of inflorescences.

Collected at other times the leaves are better to use fresh, during drying they partly lose their useful properties and become darker.

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