Useful properties of celery

Useful properties of celery

Folk medicine is very often recommended to use celery with the purpose of prevention and treatment of many diseases, and all because he is able to treat and heal.

Celery is among the most valuable food products and medicines.

Its roots and leaves are rich in valuable amino acids: asparagine, tyrosine, carotene, nicotinic acid, microelements, essential oils.

All parts of this plant are able to bring your appetite. The composition of celery have vitamins included in the group, such as thiamin and Riboflavin, vitamin A, ascorbic acid, and vitamins C, E.

Celery is not only rich in minerals, but choline, protein, etc. Specific taste the celery differs due apilu.

Not amenable to the calculation of the useful properties of celery. The plant contributes to slowing the aging processes, because of the unique set of proteins contained therein acids.

Besides vitamins and minerals ensure the stability of body cells. Has celery and calming properties.

With celery green you can treat nervous disorders resulting from overwork. Located in the stems and roots of celery essential oil can stimulate secretion of gastric juice.

With diabetes on the menu include it is plant. Upon consumption improves water-salt metabolism, for this reason it is especially recommended for older people.

Preparations of celery are designed to enhance sexual function, regulation of activity of kidneys and liver, enhance sexual function.

Besides use as a sedative, analgesic, wound healing tool, use it to treat obesity, prevention of atherosclerosis, to normalize metabolism, and is also used as antiallergic drug.

With the help of celery juice treated for urolithiasis, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, diathesis, urticaria, etc

In the process of regular consumption of celery juice cleanses the blood, and vanish many skin diseases (for greater effect it is recommended celery juice and juice dandelion and nettles mix).

Having passed through a meat grinder, celery greens, and mixing it with melted butter in equal proportions, you can obtain a tool able to deal with any wounds, sores, burns and inflammation.

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