Useful properties of cabbage

useful properties of cabbage

Medicinal and useful properties of cabbage have long been known and have found application in folk medicine.

This vegetable contains large amounts of vitamins, many groups that are so necessary for human life.

Also cabbage is a unique vitamin U – it is also called » anti-ulcer, and prevents the development of duodenal ulcers and stomach.

Useful properties of cabbage are widely used in cosmetology.

Facial masks from cabbage is famous for a bleaching effect, plus they are perfectly moisturize the skin. The most affordable mask in the home of the cabbage and carrots.

Through the grinder skipped the carrots and cabbage, after which the pulp is pressed and in it add a spoonful of yogurt and honey. Impose the resulting mixture on your face for ten minutes and then washed off.

Cabbage and carrot juice speed up the treatment of peptic ulcer disease. All cabbage juice also has cleansing properties and helps to get rid of excess weight.

Before use, the juice, to reduce chemical reactions cause the formation of gases, it is necessary for 2 weeks to drink a mixture of juices of spinach and carrots further cleansing enema.

Useful properties of cabbage are especially notice people who are overweight.

Traditional recipes suggest to eat cabbage juice with sugar, which is known otharkivajushchee ability and is assigned for hoarseness of voice and cough.

Take several times a day for 1H. spoon. You can also gargle but it is necessary to dilute the juice with water 1:1.

The best way to cook cabbage juice every day fresh because in two days the healing properties will be lost.

Cabbage leaves are used to treat gout. Applied to the sore spot raw leaves soothe the pain. In the same way, treat eczema, sciatica, burns, headaches.

When scurvy is useful to use different species and varieties of cabbage, both fresh and salty. You can prepare salads, they have a large content of vitamin C.

The sauerkraut brine helps hemorrhoids. Taken orally before eating 0.5 cups.

When degenerative disc disease at the diseased joint are superimposed cabbage casting at night.

For bowel cancer and stomach traditional methods are advised to take the decoction of the roots of cabbage. 1 glass of water taken 1st. spoon roots or seeds, bring to a boil and hold for 10 minutes on low heat.

Then insist 1 hour. During the day is recommended 3 doses. The mixture of brine and tomato juice 1:1 is recommended for liver disease.

All of these recipes are popular to use them only after consulting your doctor.

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