Useful properties of berries

useful properties of berries

When we bought the cottage, not even thinking that their health can be maintained by using plants that are grown in the garden.

Useful properties of berries has been known since ancient times, but the interested person, this fact begins only after a certain age.

And nutrients contain not only fresh but also dried and frozen berries.

Garden and forest fruit crops rich in vitamins, antioxidants and bioflavnoids.

If the useful properties of berries used correctly, you can slow down aging of the skin, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, to facilitate the work of the heart, improve memory and so on.

Maintaining, and sometimes improving your health, you can’t take harmful products, as well as to get involved with tobacco Smoking and alcohol use.

Useful properties of berries

Delicious and beloved by many gardeners cherries are rich in iron and copper. These elements are contained in the berries in an easily digestible form, they are indispensable for anemia, hypertension, increased capillary fragility.

The sugar content is not large, therefore, the daily consumption of 20-25 berries is not prohibited even by nutritionists.

Useful properties of cranberries are in the juice, it helps the body to remove the residual effects of poisoning, including alcohol withdrawal syndrome, protect against bladder infections. Cranberries are a proven way to treat and strengthen the gums.

Another favorite and has many beneficial properties berry – raspberry. The substances contained in it, create a obstacle harmful cholesterol, and facial masks help to cure acne and dermatitis.

Blackcurrant reduces the harmful effects of certain groups of antibiotics, and gives strength at high loads. Improves metabolism in the human body. This fruit is rich in vitamin C and is recommended for children in the period of active growth.

Red currant improves peristalsis, promotes the excretion of toxins. Mute nausea at morning sickness in pregnant women. The use of this berry is recommended in colitis.

Useful properties of wild strawberries is known to all, this fruit is rich in ascorbic acid and contributes to General health. It is recommended for gout and kidney stones.

Huge pack of vitamins contains sea buckthorn. She actively fights disease-causing bacteria because it has antibacterial properties, increases the body’s defense against various infections. Improves hair growth, removes toxins, improves skin health.

Useful properties of blueberries appear with indigestion and diarrhea. This berry reduces blood sugar, improves vision and generally beneficial to the eyes.

We have touched only the surface properties of the berries, of course the list is far from complete and every plant individually, deserves more attention. More detailed consideration of the use of the berries that are described in other articles on our website.

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