Useful properties of beet

Useful properties of beet

The name of this vegetable that comes from the word beta, which tells about the content of specific substances betaine, good for our hearts, and known since the time of Hippocrates.

Many diseases of the skin, blood vessels, and various manifestations of infections in the old days treated this vegetable is red.

Still the most popular in folk medicine, there are recipes that contain all parts of the plant.

Low calorie beetroot contains many vitamins and minerals that are always needed by the body for the harmonious functioning of all its organs.

Useful properties of beet

The physico-chemical processes occurring in the human body, e.g. digestion of food, and education necessary quantity of gastric juice, value, take acid citric, malic, oxalic, folic and others.

Already created by nature itself that it is in the beet of their contents and the ratio is optimal for absorption, bringing the benefits of different human organs.

High content of magnesium and potassium helps to relieve nervous tension, reduce blood pressure and prevent arrhythmias of the heart.

Concern about the composition of blood, properties mobility of red blood cells takes care of the trace mineral iron contained in beetroot and delivers oxygen to every cell in all organs.

Environmental degradation in many parts of the world have led to an increase in the number of thyroid diseases. In this case, the iodine contained in beets, helps to maintain its proper functionality.

Many diseases of the modern age are associated with overweight and obesity. When treatment is necessary to apply chemicals, are not always useful for people.

To reduce their negative impact is possible through the use of folk remedies that are recommended to take the beet juice.

Of course, all this should be done under medical supervision and with his competent advice. Especially when diseases are associated with impairment of the General metabolism in the body.

Essential doctor help the body, which is confirmed by official medicine, is the beet in the treatment of diseases of the male population to prevent premature aging, due to the weakening of sexual function.

The use of useful properties of vegetable

Regular consumption of beet for a large percentage of the population gives a positive result to restore normal bowel function, elimination of excess cholesterol in the blood and the harmful waste that accumulate on the intestinal walls, reducing atherosclerotic plaques.

Dietary fiber contained in the fiber, beet pulp, have the property that hinders development of pathogenic microflora, which gives the opportunity to use it in the fight against Giardia. Organic matter, fiber beet inhibit the growth of tumors in cancer.

An important feature of beets is the ability to maintain all of its useful qualities is not only fresh, but also after boiling.

Juice, kvass beet broth just pieces and a large variety of salads, borscht is equally useful for improving brain activity, blood purification.

Careful regular use it relates to people suffering from hypotension, kidney stone disease with acute gastritis with high acidity.

Due to the content of biologically active element of betaine, which manages the process of breakdown of proteins, the plant protects the liver cells from diseases

useful properties of beet


Only for this reason alone, it is necessary to grow and regularly eat red balls called beets.

And on cold winter days, let them decorate the table in any home, bringing joy and health.

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