Useful properties of beet tops

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We all know that beet is a unique vegetable.

Allowed eating not only rich in vitamins root, but leaves, regular eating which contributes to the normalization of metabolism, prevention of atherosclerosis, gastritis and liver disease.

From beet tops a lot of useful properties, it contains more vitamins than the root.

People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, anemia and those who have problems with the thyroid gland should include in your diet meals with tops.

In addition to all other advantages, it has the feature to adjust intestines and helps fight constipation.

In the composition of beet tops contains vitamin P, which is a good means of prevention against internal hemorrhages and sclerosis.

Thanks to him, improves elasticity of blood vessels, regulates the metabolism aktiviziruyutsya blood.

Beet greens are rich in useful minerals in the form of phosphorus, calcium, manganese, potassium and iron salts.

In leaves and stems of the beet contains a lot of vitamin U, the effectiveness of which is proven in the treatment of ulcers of the duodenum and stomach, as well as in the treatment of chronic gastritis.

He also is considered an effective means of slowing the aging process. After conducting experiments it was found antitumor activity in beet leaves, stalks, and root crops.

Dishes made from beet tops to be effective in the slimming process and is able to output «bad» cholesterol.

And all because of the presence of a strong antioxidant betaine. The high content of cobalt and iodine in the leaves and stems of the beet has a positive effect on concentration and improves memory.

Often due to the presence of nutrients of the leaves are often bitter. To mitigate its taste, it is recommended that you use rinse the leaves with boiling water.

Beet tops used in cosmetics and folk medicine. The popularity she gained in cooking.

The foliage is used as filling for pies, prepare salads, entrees, casseroles, moreover, it is harvested for future use by drying, solki, pickling and canning.

There are many recipes use beet tops. With her prepare the first dish, it’s added to soup, botvinya, okroshka, borsch and ear.

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