Use strawberries

Use strawberries

Our first berry that we look forward to the beginning of the summer on our sites or markets is strawberry.

Low calories it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, during the season of maturation as much as possible to use it for food.

Of course, rare varieties of strawberries have a very sweet taste. It depends on weather conditions (number of Sunny days and rain).

Usually, it has a sweet and sour taste, but it perfectly kompensiruet its juicy and fragrant aroma.

Use strawberries

American scientists have found that consumption of strawberries in the early years may reduce the risk of heart attack in later years. One of the researchers claims that strawberries can be called a berry of love.

The reason that the strawberry is completely covered in seeds contain zinc, and this useful item controls our hormone testosterone.

In the heat of strawberries is a good thirst quencher and, with diuretic properties, helps to eliminate edema.

The carbohydrate composition of the berries do not affect the blood sugar levels and so diabetics can eat it without fear.

Many known examples of the use of strawberries for the treatment of the oral cavity, and also you can use it to remove stains on the tooth enamel.

Folk medicine recommends the infusion of strawberry leaves to treat sores and sore throats.

What is included in the contents of strawberry iodine we need in our everyday diet, salicylic acid, and phosphorus and calcium need to people with diseases of the joints.

It is known that potassium, which is contained in strawberries necessity for the normal support of our work of the cardiovascular system. Strawberries, even in frozen form reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

It is a miraculous antioxidant fisetin, which fights against degeneration of the cells in our brain. It also improves memory and mental activity.

There is a diet based on the consumption of strawberries. When caloric, which is in strawberries, 41 calories. per 100 g it is very popular among women.

Use strawberries proven in cosmetics, its juice is a miracle cure to remove age spots and freckles. Masks of fresh strawberries were popular even in ancient times.

Having such a huge number of useful properties, do not forget that our

use strawberries

in the first season, the berries may cause a serious Allergy.

So often, people who suffer from this disease filled strawberries neutralizing dairy products.

You should be careful with large portions of strawberries for pregnant women and young children.

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