Use pumpkin for the human body

A'na koryst Garbuz

This culture scholars call «world longevity».

There is no country on Earth where you can’t grow a pumpkin.

It seems that this vegetable there is out of the time – references to it go into hoary antiquity, to the Egyptian papyri.

This is not surprising – this plant is valued for its nutritional value and usefulness.

Nutritional benefits of pumpkins

First and foremost, pumpkin is the main component of the diet menu. Difficult to name a dish in which it would be impossible to use a nourishing vegetable soups and cereals, salads, pancakes, cakes and even cream.

Nice pumpkin boiled, baked form, but especially useful for its raw flesh.

Young shoots of the culture be a good addition to the summer table. In taste they are somewhat similar to asparagus. But large fruits, freed from the pulp in the villages is used as a container for the pickling cucumbers – this gives them a spicy touch.

We should also mention the pumpkin seeds – they are often used in cooking. But most still used as a sedative.

The medicinal use of culture

The obvious benefits of pumpkin – so rich in its medicinal composition. Alone fatty oils in the seeds contains up to 50% of the total composition, the main of which are the glycerides of oleic and linoleic acids.

Also in the product resin, carotene, ascorbic acid and the b vitamins, sugar, pectin, starch, and minerals.

In other words, pumpkin is a «mini-pharmacy.» It is therefore not surprising that, on the basis of raw materials of the culture pharmacists make medications officially sold in pharmacies: «Triplex», «Age», «Kopriva», etc.

Most diseases can be treated more effectively if introduced into the diet of a pumpkin.

  • First, the product used in the treatment of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract irrespective of gastric acidity.


  • Now proven the effectiveness of raw pumpkin, as a diuretic. The vegetable is not irritating to the kidney (unlike drugs).


  • Pumpkin helps to recover in short time after treatment Botkin.


  • Heart disease, anemia, a malfunction in metabolic processes and nervous system, poor eyesight in all these cases, an invaluable benefit of pumpkin.


  • Any severity of infectious and skin diseases will help you better bear pumpkin is used for food.


  • Vegetable smooth toxicosis in pregnant women and will help to stimulate breastfeeding the production of breast milk.


  • Radionuclides and cancer – yet another indicators, which should be consumed daily in food a pumpkin.

 Recommendations for use

To feel clear benefit of pumpkin in the treatment of diseases, it is necessary to properly use this product.

Fresh raw pulp is used thus:

  • Spread it on all day a pound of flesh and eat evenly in cardiovascular diseases and in disorders of the endocrine system.


  • 2-month course of eating raw pumpkin spend so: you start with 20 grams half an hour before meals, gradually increasing to 150 g per 1 reception. It is useful to apply this diet for all diseases.


  • Fresh pumpkin juice is also taken for a few minutes before meals for 1 glass) as a sedative for pain in the liver, kidney, bladder. For a start it is recommended pumpkin juice diluted with water 1:1.


  • And if a glass of juice to add a spoonful of honey, it will be a good hypnotic.


  • Cystitis, pyelonephritis, pancreatitis useful of porridge with added pumpkin, cooked in water without the butter (you can drop a little vegetable).

Recommended and outdoor use pumpkin pulp in various skin problems (from acne to the usual trophic ulcers). Grated raw pulp used compresses. Keep a bandage on the affected area constantly, changing it 1 time a day.


Despite the fact that the use of pumpkin is invaluable in all areas of medicine, there are some warnings and contraindications.

A'na koryst Garbuz

  • In complicated diabetes, chronic gastritis, and exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease fresh juice and raw pumpkin flesh is contraindicated.


  • Pregnant women should not nibble sunflower seeds pumpkin in order not to provoke a miscarriage.


  • The tendency to flatulence the presence of pumpkins in the menu should be kept to a minimum.


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