Use melon

Use melon

Melon is an annual herbaceous plant and belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae, by the way, it is considered kin to the cucumber.

Although more correct to call about the melon berry, which is characterized by different dimensions and its mass is sometimes equal to 200 grams and sometimes 20 kg.

Melon on the shelves located next to the watermelon that is called when this dessert is a vegetable. The most common variety of melon is considered to be the Kuban collective Farm, and then gave her one item is a Torpedo.

On the shelves sometimes it is possible to admire Musk melon and a Cantaloupe is a European variety.

Melon favored by many people not only thanks to its gentle flavor, fresh aroma, but also the dietary properties and the use, which brought her human body.

Melon is quite often included in the diet of people who sit on a diet, because this fruit is very low calorie.

Use yellow beauty lies in the ability to treat various diseases, rheumatism, diseases of the liver and kidneys, cardiovascular diseases.

The presence of useful properties of melon helps strengthen bones, improve hair structure and acquisition of velvety skin.

The reason for all these benefits is the presence of silicon in melon and even in large quantity. Although the beneficial properties of vegetable dessert does not end there.

Melon rich in vitamin C, which promotes immunity and the salvation of man from different kinds of colds.

And besides, with the consumption of melons increased mood, because it is the flesh that is rich in a substance that promotes the production of hormone of happiness.

The composition of the melon is characterized by the presence of enzymes, which are responsible for some medicinal properties of melon. She needs to eat patients who have had surgery and lost blood.

It is one of the dietary foods like watermelon. Melon is considered a low-calorie berry. During the mono-diet, based on the melon diet, the system displays the accumulated toxins, at the same time from these diets never get bored.

Although get involved in this dieting is not necessary, as the melon has a diuretic effect, so not recommended for more than three days in a row to use it for food.

Positively influence the useful properties of melon on a person’s appearance and his health. Often uses magic berry in the food people can boast perfect skin.

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