Urea as fertilizer – use in the garden

Urea as fertilizer

A great harvest in the country can be obtained only in the case if the correct and timely fertilizer. It is known to all gardeners.

Urea as a fertilizer is known to many because it has proven itself as an excellent stimulator of plant growth.

Urea is also called carbamide and is used mainly during nitrogen starvation of the soil.

Commercially available in the form of rounded granules white or almost transparent color. Urea as a fertilizer is great for any land. But each culture requires different proportions.

Urea oxidizes and podslushivaet soil mix. With a large content of the soil acidity you need to use chalk which is mixed with nitrogen fertilizer in the ratio of 0.5 kg urea, 0.4 kg of lime mixture.

The lack of nitrogen in the soil may reveal grows poorly and slowly developing plants. For example, trees and shrubs, the young branches with a lack of fertilizer will be weak and thin.

The leaves are shrinking, become dim and eventually fall off. Fruit ovaries develop poorly, as a result, the yield is low.

Urea as fertilizer has a positive effect on the growth of green mass and is successfully used in open field and in greenhouse. At the stage of digging granular urea deepen by about 4 cm.

At each watering the urea will dissolve, and provoke changes in the chemical composition of the earth. Enough 5-10 grams. per square meter.

While planting seeds make urea along with potassium fertilizer, but it is important that the granules do not touch the seeds. In the phase of active growth of the urea to dissolve in water and the liquid to be sprayed.

Root feeding contribute to the calm weather early in the morning or late in the evening. It is clear that during or before rain, spray of fertilizer is not necessary. In a bucket of water from 9 to 15 grams. urea.

As already mentioned, for each crop need different norm, for example, for tomatoes, garlic, cabbage, potato should make from 19 to 23 grams. at 1 m For beans and cucumbers from 6 to 10 gr.

For flowering plants contribute no more than 4 grams. per sq. m. It will positively affect ornamental plants. For strawberry and strawberry need to prepare a solution in 2 l of water 10 gr. urea and spray the plants.

The yield increases with irrigation with urea solution, which is diluted at the rate of 60 grams. two buckets of water. A large number of the harvest to enjoy when watering this solution of Apple trees in a bucket of water 200 gr. urea, for stone fruit trees on two buckets 120 gr.

For convenience, it is worth saying that in a matchbox holds 13 oz. urea in the faceted glass 130 gr., and 1 tbsp is about 10g.

Advantages of urea as fertilizer can be called that plants easily absorb the nitrogen. When spraying the leaves do not get burned. Moreover, foliar application helps to protect from pests.

Urea as fertilizer

Also plants that do not tolerate high acidity, urea assimilate in a short time. Introduction urea is a guarantee of high harvest.

In addition, the process of fertilization is very simple and does not take much time.

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