Uprooting (removing) stumps and trees in the country

tree removal

Removal of stumps and trees, especially large ones isn’t a simple task, so many they are left to natural decomposition.

The decay of stumps is a long process, plus they are one of the biggest frustrations for gardeners.

In addition, empty the useful area which can neither fail nor be used for growing crops, so also in old stumps begin to appear, destroying the tree, microorganisms, fungal viruses, and other pests.

It is therefore necessary to uproot stumps.

There are several removal methods, but the most harmless, is uprooting and crushing (removing parts).

As mentioned, leaving dead trees and stumps, especially near healthy trees and shrubs, you threaten other plants in the garden.

They very soon appear stem pests, fungal spores and bacteria. Therefore, the uprooting of the stumps should be done in the same season, otherwise the pests can migrate to healthy trunks and root system.

As a result, under the threat of infection may not be the whole garden. If this happens, you have to remove all fruit trees.

How to remove a tree stump


Take care of your removal of large stumps is extremely difficult. If these trees are close by, you can use the winch.

To do this, before you cut down the trunk of the tree, leave the stump of sufficient height to be able to wrap the chain or cable.


remove stumps

the execution of these works need to take extreme caution as the fixture can break, and it will stop injury.

You can also remove a tree stump using a shovel, ax and other tools, but this is the case if the trees were not large, and their few pieces.

For large volumes it is better to use the services of specialists, moreover, that they have the necessary equipment, though of course their services are not cheap.

Small seedlings and shrubs can be easily removed with a bayonet spade and enthusiasm.

Also to remove stumps in the country, the technology of crushing. For this method is the attachment installed on a tractor or other equipment.

This technology before uprooting has several advantages:

  • No need to spoil the landscape, and to dig a huge pit;
  • The root system growing near trees is not practically damaged;
  • You receive the opportunity to work in different buildings and other plantings without damaging them;
  • Less time consuming process.

Depth removal of stumps depends on the future plans, if the vacant area will be used for planting trees, you will have to remove all the roots, the depth, and if you plan to make a Playground for relaxing on the lawn with a barbecue, clean the surface sufficiently to a depth of 25 30 cm

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