Undemanding indoor plants for office and home

tovstenko, groove tree

Beautiful and undemanding plants you can choose for themselves among decorative foliage and ornamental flowering species.

They are ideal for novice gardeners, and maintenance in the office, as special care is not required and will not take much time.

This will decorate the room and create a comfortable atmosphere.

Choose unpretentious flowers preferably from succulents and plants native to arid places, dry air will suit them best.

The most unpretentious can be attributed houseplant that is called «Sansevieriya». It is known as the «pike’s tail» and «Teschin language».

Sansevieriya will equally thrive in a darkened room, and a Sunny window, however, in bright light, the leaves of the plant will be juicier.

Repot as needed when the soil ball is completely braided roots. Fertilizing with organic and mineral fertilizers is not needed.

Easily tolerates dry air, even in winter no need for spraying. Water the plant once a week in winter even rarer.


Ideal for office, hallway, so as not afraid of cold drafts. Also pay attention to the lowly «Hoya Karnoza».

It can be safely attributed to the unpretentious, because for a long time can do without irrigation. In addition, to choose a place to content Hoya (wax ivy) is not difficult, the plant is shade-tolerant.

«Hoya Karnoza» can do without making the dressing, you could put it in an extreme case, when a flower pot becomes too small.

If You provide good conditions, «wax ivy» will surprise all lush and abundant flowering. The three unpretentious of indoor plants includes «oval crassula», aka «jade» and «money tree».

As with previous plants, watering can be rare, the humidity is not a big deal, fertilizing is optional.

One of the dark corners of the room and brings the decrease of ambient temperature to +10°C.

To create ideal growing conditions, it is sufficient to provide good drainage and make sure that the soil has time to dry.

Plant propagation is enough to put the leaf in the water. Does not require special care and «Chlorophytum», despite the fact that its narrow leaves look delicate.

The underground part of the plant capable of accumulating moisture and nutrients. He is not afraid of shortage or excess moisture quietly tolerate draught and heat.

Years can exist in a flower pot without plant. A big plus to all the listed advantages — «Chlorophytum» absorbs the harmful substances, purifying the air of the room.

The optimal choice for the lobby, office and hall. Also undemanding indoor plants are: «aspidistra», «zamioculcas», «bokarneya,» «epipremnum», «Kalanchoe», «Spathiphyllum,» etc.

In General, the choice of such species of flowering, deciduous, large and small. The contents of such plants is not difficult, but this does not mean that they can be cast on self survival.

Show a little care and attention, the plants will reward you with rapid growth, beautiful blooms and new shoots.

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