Types of potted plants

types of potted plants

All types of potted plants can be divided into several major groups, which differ primarily in appearance, and the type of root system, flowering and reproduction.

Generally, there are seven main types.But the most popular among gardeners: ornamental foliage, ornamental flowering, fruit, palms, ferns and cacti.

Decorative foliage

These plants do not give big and beautiful blossoms, so the main aesthetics in these are the leaves that differ in size and color.

This included two groups, the first are the Central trunk of a tree, the second cluster of plants whose leaves grow from the earth.

From the first group often (dieffenbachia, cypress, ardiziya, oleander, pisonia), second — (feijoa, orange, gomfrena).

Also, this group includes about a palm tree Yucca, dracaena, pandanus, only in the upper part look like palm trees, other signs don’t apply to them.

The second type of decorative foliage are: Liana conflict, monstera, clerodendrum, have stems and leaves that hang down so the leaves grow in a certain direction, the plant needs support.


Also included are plants with hastate leaves (calathea, stromanta) and collected beams zlakovidnye leaves (calamus, Chlorophytum, bamboo).

A small amount of carnivorous plants (Venus flytrap, sundew), which feed on insects, also referred to this species. Predatory species of indoor plants growers grow much less.

Decorative flowering

They bloom large beautiful flowers, often the flowering period is most of the year. Many of these plants are annuals, so after flowering it withers.

Among the potted plants of this species are most often found: Azalea, begonia, afelyandra, beloperone, gloxinia, small, Camellia, fuchsia, Primula.


Another great genus of plants. Many of them have successfully adapted to home conditions and grow in pots.

It’s usually citrus fruits: orange, lemon, bergamot and Apple, pear, plum, cherry. Many of them evergreen, and in the summer they can make to the garden for a suburban area.


In appearance, they are the easiest to distinguish from other varieties. This undemanding plants that have fleshy stems and spines instead of leaves.

Popular varieties: astrofitum, prickly pear, saguaro, Ariocarpus. Most cactus with proper care, occasionally bloom.

Palm trees

It is a separate species of houseplants. Depending on the shape of the leaves they are divided into peristaltie and veerolistnye. These plants are tall, hardy, flowers not all species.

In summer, they are sun-loving, winter kept a fairly low temperature, but is afraid of drafts. Popular among growers: coconut, palm, bamboo palm, chrysalidocarpus, Hove, Iscariot (or fishtail).


They are not known to bloom, but endowed with a beautiful long and wide leaves, so the plants of this group are often found in homes and offices.

It is shade-tolerant and shade-loving and hardy plants. Ferns often choose novice growers, as it does not require much experience and abundant attention.

Frequently grown are varieties of ferns: Asplenium (or Kostenets), maidenhair, Nephrolepis, cyrtomium.

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