Types of orchids — the names and descriptions

Types of orchids - the names and descriptions

Every woman dreams of a wonderful garden on your windowsill.

The «Queen» of this garden is the Orchid.

Kinds of this plants in nature, there are many. We will talk about the most popular.

Popular types of orchids


This epiphyte – Orchid likes to settle in the crowns of trees or on rocks in the tropics from the coast of East Asia to Australia.

Phalaenopsis is the easiest of all types of orchids, and therefore enjoys its popularity among gardeners.

But pay attention to the Phalaenopsis amazing beauty flower, shaped like a butterfly (hence, in fact, the name Orchid). Plants have another name – Ukrainian flower.

This type of Orchid is highly branched with short shoots, which grow rosettes of brilliant yellow leaves.

With these outlets to shoot the arrow stalks, and grow aerial roots. In some species of Phalaenopsis in large wide leaves you can see the original marble figure.

The branched flower stalks are long and have an arcuate shape. They practically littered with large flowers-butterflies.

The shape of the flowers are flat and have a pronounced three-lobed lip. The color of this Orchid is different. Often there are instances of shade from white to pale pink.

But you can find the colors of green, yellow, orange and purple.

This type of Orchid has no period of rest. It is an evergreen plant that can bloom up to 3 times a year. Cut shoots with flowers look good in a bouquet and can stand in a vase for a long time.


This is the most common type of Orchid – across the globe, in tropical latitudes, there are more than a thousand species of bulbophyllum.

Because of this particular morphological character of species of this Orchid may vary significantly from each other.

But the common denominator they have is leathery and fleshy leaves of the plant, despite the variety of forms.

Apical leaves, 1-2, located in the tubers (hence the name). These tubers of the Orchid and encouraged to multiply.

Small, with a fairly strong aroma, the flowers are arranged in double row to form the inflorescence is a raceme.

Bulbophyllum – a lover of the bright sun, but afternoon hours it is better to create a small shadow.

For active growth should be supported in the air sufficient humidity and 3 times a month to make a dressing. And also mandatory to arrange orchids periods of rest.


This species of orchids, there are not so many – about 70, but in the indoor horticulture uses not more than 10.

Under natural conditions, Wanda prefers to live in wet forests of the tropics, and also in the mountains and on the plains. Lithophytic on rocks settle, epiphytes on tree bark.

In nature, this type of Orchid growth reach more than a meter in the home is unlikely to grow up to 80 cm there is monopodial (branched) type of growth.

On erect branches in 2 rows, leathery leaves that have different shapes: cylindrical or remnevidnye.

From the axils of the leaves, the roots grow long, gray-green color. Them Orchid «breathe».

Hence, from the axils and grow up the stalks, which can simultaneously grow

Types of orchids - the names and descriptions

several inflorescences, which is a many-flowered raceme.

Fragrant large flowers orchids have a monochromatic color, and variegated.

But in most cases there are the following types of colors: purple, blue, pink and white.

The shape of the sepals and petals of orchids also vary some narrow or rounded. Available colors mild fleshy lip.

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