Types of begonias — the groups and names

types of begonias

Many tropical plants «migrated» in our latitude, delighting the magical beauty of their flowers.

This abundance is allocated many types of begonias.

The diversity of species of this plant can be divided into 2 groups: flowering and ornamental deciduous.

Flowering begonia

Flowering begonia called the Vale of eternal blossoms. Both names are justified, creating a room atmosphere of the garden of Eden.

This group itself is divided into 3 subgroups:

  • Rare type of «Lorraine» happy pink and white flowers throughout the winter.
  • «Elation» will provide a spectacle of colors throughout the year, lush white, pink, yellow, and red buds.
  • «Semperflorens» is the most common among the Vale of eternal blossoms begonias subgroup, and more adapted to the local climate.


Flowering begonia is a tuberous representative. And this quality, the plant can be divided into the following types:

  • «Tuberous home» with beautiful double flowers.
  • «Tuberous drooping», which is placed in hanging pots or baskets.
  • «Many-flowered tuberous», featuring an abundance of colors and variety of forms of inflorescence.


Decorative-deciduous begonias

This group of begonias includes a large number of basket, Bush, tall plants with leaves and flowers of different shapes and colors. But they, indeed, will decorate not only the interiors but also the garden plots:

  • The Royal Begonia leaf» is decorated with bright colorful designs.
  • And wrinkled green leaves «Begonias Mason» on center cross is painted brown.
  • «Begonias Bower» roundish leaves are slightly pubescent and have the edges of the small incisions.

In this subgroup can be identified separately in the form of «Begonias brevialata». This kind of applies to herbaceous flower, but grows to half a meter. The leaves had lapotnaya original form.

A variation of this plant – «Begonia blackish» hybrids which can be found in both groups: for decorative-deciduous and flowering.

  • «yellow begonia» has hairy petioles.
  • «krishnalila» — deep red leaves on a background of pale green petioles.

types of begonias

  • «brilliant» has bare stems reach the size of five feet.
  • «Lemminge» — basket plant with heart-shaped leaves.

To describe this decorative culture is endless. It is better to have such beauty in my house and enjoy the amazing blossoming beauty.

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