Types of baths for the garden

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There are many types and designs of baths.

Main types of baths have deep historical roots: Russian, Oriental, Roman, Finnish, Italian, Japanese.

For a long time they had changed, and in today’s world is usually divided into three types.

  • Turkish or Roman bath, steam bath have several compartments with different temperatures and dry steam;
  • Russian bath has steam;
  • A Finnish sauna, very hot bath, dry.

Russian Banya is the most popular country houses in Russia. It consists of several offices, and if space allows, it is better to build them all: entrance hall, lounge, shower, toilet, fresh office, locker room, and a nice addition would be a small pond.

By establishing the entire room, you can invite large number of guests and feel comfortable enough.

If space for a bath is not large, we can restrict the hall (dressing room), steam room (shower), recreation room. Next to the bath, you can put the tub.

The most important thing in the bath is a furnace. Furnace the furnace is installed in the dressing room, and the fresh Department is obtained, the part where there are boulders.


The stones for the oven should be round, very good river stones. They are evenly heated, indifferent to sudden changes in temperature and long cool down.

Many gardeners prefer the sauna. Standard sauna consists of: entrance hall, halls for rest, dressing room, steam room, toilet, swimming pool and changing rooms.

The main difference in the equipment of the furnace. Heated these baths is usually a fireplace, piled rocks at him. In the modern world is usually used an electric fireplace.

Turkish bath (Hamam), is heated by means of a healthy pot of water, and the resulting steam is fed through holes in the walls.

Almost has spread among summer residents on the territory of Russia. Variety of different services and massage, exfoliation and so on.

Big fan of saunas, but do not yet have it on your site you can use

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experience tourists. Such a Hiking bath can be done quite easily and quickly.

For this you will need: rocks-stones and the tent. In the country it is possible to make a metal frame that will be covered with polyethylene.

First, in future bath on a circle of stacked stones, then the fire gets divorced.

For more hot baths to stock up on a large supply of wood to the stones well heated. Water is heated separately.

When the stones are heated white-hot, the coal and ash is removed, and the design itself is covered with material. On the floor is being coated with a cushion of spruce lapotnikov. After half an hour Hiking bath ready.

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