Types and methods of growing strawberries

Methods of growing strawberries a lot.

In the country in addition to traditional beds, this berry can be grown as an ornamental plant in the basket, in the yard near the gazebo in the flower bed, as the soil cover, hydroponic (no soil).

Each strawberry has its own characteristics and not every variety is suitable for all growing methods. So first you need to choose the most appropriate of the three categories.

The types of strawberries

All varieties of this crop can be divided into three types. First the most common among vegetable growers – June strawberries.

With proper care gives a good harvest in the first month of summer. The main plant starts up «whiskers» that give the roots.

Propagated by means of shoots. It is grown mainly in rows on the beds. The only downside is that bears fruit once a year for 2-3 weeks.

Constantly podonosma strawberries. This kind of though is constantly colourful, really gives a yield only twice per season, early summer and autumn.

Otherwise differences from «June» virtually none.

The third category is the permanent strawberry day. She has small but very sweet fruit.

Happy harvest during the greater part of the summer season. Removing the first flowers, you will help the eventual berries to grow.

Which in turn will please you almost all summer. To buy seedlings of strawberries is better closer to the fall.

By this time the cost is reduced and choice increased. The average number of plants per person, 10 pieces.

Beware of buying sprouts from questionable sellers, use specialty shops.

Planting only healthy and fit tested for the virus seedlings. Grade try to find a suitable to your climate.

You can have neighbors to find out the name if they berry you like.

The cultivation of strawberries

A place in the area under the cultivation of strawberries, choose the sun, but

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closed from winds.

This culture need a lot of daylight. The prepared place must be the roots of weeds, strawberries bad with them fighting.

Lots of berries are shrinking, productivity is reduced.

It is desirable that the roots of bushes and trees, too, were not under the bed. They will take all the nutrients.

To produce healthy fruit, grow strawberries as far as possible from such neighbors as: tomato, pepper, potato and eggplant.

These vegetable crops can be carriers of harmful diseases verticillus.

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